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Things were not looking well for Sally, Santa, Double D, and Ed.

Oogie had bound all four of them, and was about to finish them off. The four of them had been placed on rising panels that were part of Oogie’s giant roulette wheel, Sally and Santa on one, Double D and Ed on the other. Below them was a cauldron filled with hot lava, with a machine that looked like a cross between a spider and an eight ball was mixing it. If the panels were at just the right angle, it would send all four of them straight into the lava! And that just happened to be what Oogie was planning.

Double D was concentrating on straining his body hard enough to free himself from his restraints. Ed, of course, was the only one who didn’t seem afraid. Instead, he had a disappointed look on his face again.

“Double D, you guys weren’t supposed to get caught,” Ed said, turning to his friend.

Double D shot a nasty look at Ed, then went right back to straining.

“You wait until Jack hears about this!” Sally was saying to Oogie. “By the time he’s through with you, you’ll be lucky if you . . . ”

Just then, the Mayor’s sad voice rang in through the windows. “Skeleton Jack is now a pile of dust. Oh, Jack! You’re gone! This Mayor and all of Halloween Town mourn you!”


At the very same moment, a pair of doors under a statue a few feet away from the tree house opened, and Jack, Eddy, and Zero emerged.

Eddy was confused. Were they back in Halloween Town? He peered back into the doors. “That was weird . . . ” he mumbled.

“Come on!” urged Jack, grabbing Eddy’s arm again. They began to sneak up to the tree house.


Sally and Double D were frozen in place. Had they just heard the Mayor right? Was Jack really . . . ?

“But . . . but . . . ” Double D stammered. “Eddy was on that thing . . . ”

“Eddy was where, Double D?” asked Ed.

“What’s that you said about luck, Rag Doll?” asked Oogie.

“Help, help!” yelled Sally.

“EDDY!” Double D called out in despair. “EDDY!”

“I don’t think Eddy can hear us down here Double D,” said Ed.


Wanna bet?” Eddy thought. He could hear everything loud and clear. He and Jack were standing at the base of the cage elevator. The only way to go? Straight down.

“Shhh!” Jack shushed Eddy and Zero. Eddy quickly nodded. He understood.

Then Eddy watched uncertainly as Jack began to climb down the rope. Then he gulped, and carefully began to climb down after the Pumpkin King, Zero in tow.


“Seven!” said Oogie after rolling his dice. “Look’s like it’s Oogie’s turn to boogie!” He then walked over to a lever and cranked it seven times. With each crank, the panels kept rising, and each crank was accompanied by the combined screams of Sally and Double D.

“They must be really excited to be elves, huh Santa?” asked Ed.

“This can’t be happening!” said Santa.

Ed stared for a second. “Huh?” he asked.

Double D glanced at Oogie. He looked like he was going to roll the dice again! It would be all over for them! “Eddy . . . ”

“Jack . . . ”

Sally’s voice surprised Double D. He turned his attention to her. “If only I had stopped you from going, you’d still be here. I needed to be braver . . . ”

Oogie rolled the dice again. “What?” he asked. “Snake eyes?” He looked at the dice for a second. “Let’s call it eleven!”

Sally’s voice once again reached Double D’s ears. “To tell you how I truly feel . . . ”

“Sally . . . ” Double D began, but he was quickly interrupted by another crank from Oogie.

“Bye bye, losers!” said Oogie.

“Good-bye, Jack,” thought Sally.

“Good-bye, Eddy!” cried Double D. “Good-bye forever!”

“I’ll never be an elf now, Double D!” cried Ed.

The panels flipped over. Oogie went over to the cauldron of lava to see the destruction . . .

But nothing had happened.

“Huh?” Oogie went back over to the panels and flipped them back right side up. There was no Sally, no Ed, no Double D, no Santa.

In their places sat an angry-looking and all-too-familiar skeleton and a short boy dressed like a Zombie Elvis.

Oogie jumped. This was not part of his plan.

“Hello, Oogie,” said Jack, stepping off of the panel.

“And Ed?” asked Eddy, turning to his friend, where he stood a safe distance away, along with Double D, Sally, Santa, and Zero. “Shut up.”

“Eddy!” cheered Ed. Double D was crying too hard to say anything.

“Jack!” said Oogie in pure shock. “B-but . . . they said you were dead! You must be . . . ” As he backed away, Oogie pressed a secret button on his roulette wheel. “. . .Double dead!”

“Yes?”asked Double D.

Eddy turned back to his friends. “Double dead, not Double . . . Deeeeee!”

Suddenly, the giant roulette wheel came to life. It began to spin at an incredibly fast rate. The eight ball spider machine that had been mixing the lava began to quicken its speed as it began to rise into the air. At the ends of the roulette table, giant Suicide Kings popped up and began to slash their swords.

The sudden speed increased had knocked both Jack and Eddy to the ground. “Oh no,” Eddy groaned as he lay on his back. “These rides always make me throw up!”

“Well, come on Bone Man!” Oogie said as Jack struggled to his feet. But it wasn’t easy, considering all the sharp, pointy objects being slung in their direction.

“Oogie, get ready,” said Jack. “We’re coming for you.”

“We?” asked Eddy as he, too, tried to stand up. But his weak constitutions made him have to resort to lying on his stomach.

Jack immediately sprung into action. He began to dodge the Suicide King’s swords and the eight ball spider’s legs while trying to catch up to Oogie. The only problem was that the closer Jack got, the farther Oogie backed away!

Poor Eddy had to crawl against the direction which the roulette wheel was turning. But on the plus side, he was so close to the ground that nothing seemed to touch him. That was when he tried to stand up again. This time, he was succeeding.

As Eddy was standing up, Oogie began to realize that he wouldn’t be able to keep this up. He needed something else. He ran over to another button and quickly pushed it.

Jack didn’t catch what happened when Oogie pressed the button, but Eddy and his eagle eyes sure did. Eddy could just make out something breaking loose from Oogie. “Is that . . . a thread?” he thought.

But before he could think of anything else, something else appeared on the battlefield. It was a group of three mechanical soldiers holding guns, and Eddy was right underneath them! Of course, Eddy didn’t think much of it . . . until the guns started shooting real bullets!

Jack jumped on the arms of the soldiers, out of harm’s way. And since Eddy was standing underneath them, the bullets didn’t reach him either.

“Yeah, that’s real intimidating,” said Eddy. “Is that all you got?”

“Jack! Look out!”

Jack and Eddy turned around and saw a giant buzz saw being hurled straight at them! Jack jumped down and grabbed Eddy, getting away from the buzz saw just as it chopped off the shooting arms of the soldiers.

Now Oogie was really panicking. He had run out of tricks! But just as Jack and Eddy were walking toward him, the panel that Oogie was standing on sprung up, catapulting Oogie to the top of the eight ball spider machine.

“So long, Jack!” said Oogie. Then he began his maniacal laugh again.

But Eddy saw something different. He saw an opportunity. Dangling right in front of him was the thread he had seen break off from Oogie earlier! He quickly grabbed the thread as that mischievous smirk once appeared on his face. Then he realized that he wasn’t the only one who had grabbed the thread.

“How dare you treat our friends so shamefully,” growled Jack as he grabbed the thread. Then he looked at Eddy, who nodded. They both began to pull on the thread.

“What?” asked Oogie. Then he was surprised by the fact that his arm was opening up. “No. . .no. . .don’t . . . NO!”

Jack and Eddy kept pulling on the thread, and as they did, they directed it straight into the eight ball spider machine’s spinning legs.

Well, that caused the whole sheet covering Oogie to yank off! The sheet got tangled with the eight ball spider machine, causing the roulette wheel and the tricks to stop.

And as for Oogie? Well, the only thing left of him was . . . a giant pile of bugs shaped like him!

“Now look what you’ve done!” yelled Oogie . . . or what was left of him, anyway. “My bugs, my bugs, my bugs . . . ”

Everyone else watched as the bug pile grew smaller, and all the bugs fell straight into the lava!

Double D was dumbstruck. Ed seemed quite content with the sight. Eddy’s jaw dropped. All Santa and Sally could do was stare. Jack was the only one unaffected.

Only one blue bug remained. And it escaped the lava. “My bugs, my bugs . . . ” it yelled as it scurried across the floor.


Santa ground the bug into the ground. But other than that, nobody seemed to want to say anything.

Eddy finally broke the silence. “Well, I don’t know about you guys, but that right there was probably the single-most disgusting thing I’ve seen in my life.” Then he walked over to his speechless friends. “So, boys . . . who’s the man with the plan?”

“EDDY!” Ed and Double D cheered at full volume.

“You got that right!” said Eddy as the other two ran up and hugged him.

As the Stouthearted Eds were reuniting, Jack walked over to Santa and gave him back his Santa hat. “Forgive me, Mr. Claws,” said Jack. “I’m afraid I’ve made a terrible mess of your holiday.”

“Bumpy sleigh ride, Jack?” asked Santa. “The next time you have the urge to take over someone else’s holiday, I’d listen to them!” As Santa talked, he pointed at Sally, Double D, and Eddy. “They’re the only ones that make any sense around this insane asylum! Skeletons, boogie men, Vikings . . . ”

“Hello!” said Ed when he heard himself being mentioned.

“Ed, you’re so stupid you don’t even know when you’re being insulted,” said Eddy.

“I hope there’s still time . . . ” Jack began.

“To fix Christmas, Jack?” asked Santa. “Of course! I’m Santa Claus!”

And laying a finger aside his nose, up Oogie’s chimney he rose!

“Wait! Santa!” Ed called, chasing after the jolly old elf. “TAKE ME WITH YOU!” But he was too late. “Aww . . . ”

“Never mind, Ed,” said Double D. “At least you did your job right.”

“Yeah Monobrow,” said Eddy. “You’re sure to be on the top of Santa’s nice list now!”

Ed’s face lit up. “I’m such a good boy!” he said happily.

“Which reminds me,” said Double D. “Eddy, did you ever find your present?”

“My what?” asked Eddy. Then he remembered. His eyes widened. Then he clutched his head. Double D and Ed began to laugh.

“He’ll fix things, Jack. He knows what to do.”

Sally’s voice caught all three Stouthearted Eds’ attention. They turned to the other two people in the room.

“Sally, how did you get down here?” asked Jack.

Sally blushed. She rubbed her hands together. “Oh, I was trying to . . . ” she stammered. “Well . . . I wanted to . . . to . . . ”

“To help Jack, Sally?” Double D encouraged. Then all three Eds smiled smugly. They knew what was coming.

“I couldn’t let you just . . . ” Sally tried again.

“Sally . . . ” Jack interrupted. “I can’t believe I never realized . . . that you . . . ”

“Jack! Jack!”

“What?!” Eddy asked in pure disbelief.

“And it was just getting good!” Ed complained.

Just then, another window opened. The Mayor peered inside, along with Lock, Shock, and Barrel.

“There he is!” said Barrel.

“Alive!” said Lock.

“Just like we said!” said Shock.

The Mayor lowered down a rope. “Grab a hold, my boy!” he said.

Jack and Sally grabbed the rope and began to get pulled up.

“WAIT FOR US!” Eddy yelled as he, Double D, and Ed ran to catch the rope too. They just made it. All five of them, along with Zero, were hoisted out of Oogie’s house.

The danger was finally over.
Chapter 14

Songs featured: None. Just a nice, little action scene for all of you.

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Ed Edd n Eddy (c) Danny Antonucci
The Nightmare Before Christmas (c) Tim Burton, Henry Selick
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