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Eddy couldn’t see. No, it wasn’t like he was blind, or anything like that. He knew he was still alive, and he could see. It was just that every time he tried to open his eyes, everything spun. And he couldn’t stop it. So he just sat there with his eyes closed, rubbing his head.

Stop it, stop it!” he yelled in his head. “Stop spinning!” Finally, after what seemed like forever, he could finally see clearly. As he looked around, he realized that he was sitting in Peach Creek Cemetery. He was sitting in the snow against a giant tomb with a statue of an angel on top of it. But that wasn’t what Eddy was freaking out about.

All around, Eddy could see the charcoal remains of the presents he and Jack had yet to deliver, and a few feet away was the remains of the coffin sleigh, still ablaze. But what scared Eddy the most was the thing lying right next to him. It was the Santa hat Jack had been wearing.

Eddy carefully reached over and picked up the Santa hat. Unlike Eddy, it didn’t look that bad. “Well Eddy, what have we learned today?” Eddy asked himself out loud. “Nothing, just like everything else that goes wrong.” Eddy looked around the cemetery. “Oh, who am I kidding? I knew this wasn’t going to work. I knew this kind of thing might happen. But I still risked my life for a stupid present.” Then he gazed at the Santa hat in his hands. “Great . . . ” Then, in a wave of grief, Eddy suddenly found himself singing.

Eddy: How did we get here?
How the heck . . .
Pan left - close on the town, that’s my home

How did I get here?
How the heck . . .
Halloween, Halloween - that night

How could a night so chilly
Become so scalding hot?
How could a joyous night so mild
Become so raw?

Why are entire weeks strewn
On the cutting room floor of memory?
When single frames from one magic night
Forever flicker in close-up
On the 3-D I-max of my mind

That's poetic . . . that's pathetic.

Why did I find that old map of Bro’s
And my Stouthearted Eds choose to
Join me in my newest scheme?
Why did Jack discover Christmas Town?

Why am I the witness?
And when I capture it in my mind
Will it mean that it's the end
And I'm alone?

When Eddy stopped singing, he shook his head. “I’ve been hanging around Jack too long,” he thought. “I’m starting to talk like him . . . ” That’s when a new realization struck Eddy with the same force that bullet had struck the sleigh with.

What happened to Jack?

Everything that had happened came back to Eddy. Jack had known Eddy’s brother! Eddy’s brother had left the map of Halloween Town for him to find Jack! He and Jack were actually becoming friends! And . . . Jack had . . . Jack had thrown himself on top of Eddy so he wouldn’t get hurt.

Now a new feeling filled Eddy’s stomach. It wasn’t unsureness. It was guilt. Plain and simple.

So what had happened to Jack?

“Jack?” Eddy called out into the cemetery. No response. “Jack?” he called a little louder. That time, he was answered by a very low voice, filled with pain and mourning.

Jack: What have I done?
What have I done?
How could I be so blind?
All is lost, where was I?
Spoiled all, spoiled all
Everything's gone all wrong

Eddy quickly stood up and looked straight above him. There, wrapped in the outstretched arms of the angel statue, was Jack. Eddy immediately wished he couldn’t see the Pumpkin King. Jack’s Santa costume had been ripped to shreds from the explosion, and the tattered remains looked awful wrapped around his body. In addition, Jack himself looked like he was in so much pain. Then Eddy heard whimpering, and realized that Zero was floating near the ground next to him.

Jack: What have I done?
What have I done?
Find a deep cave to hide in
In a million years they'll find me
Only dust and a plaque
That reads "Here Lies Poor Old Jack"

Jack’s voice sounded so sad, Eddy found himself crying. Sure, he had gone along with the plan, but this whole thing was Jack’s idea. Jack must have felt ten times worse than him! “But even so. . .” Eddy thought. “Does he have to lay it on so. . .heavy?

Jack: But I never intended all this madness, never
And nobody really understood, well, how could they?
That all I ever wanted was to bring them something great
Why does nothing ever turn out like it should?

Eddy actually took a step back on that one. Now Jack looked mad. Very mad. But Eddy realized that if there was actually a chance that they could set things right, this pity-fest had to stop! So, Eddy took a deep breath and spoke, though he was still badly shaken and he stuttered horribly as he spoke to Jack.

Eddy: Well, what the heck, you went and did your best
And, by God, you really tasted something swell, that's right
And for a moment, why, you even touched the sky
And at least you left some stories they can tell, you did

That’s when Jack finally noticed Eddy standing down there. Two feelings washed over Jack: pure relief that Eddy was okay, and agreement, because he knew Eddy was right. So he jumped down from the arms of the statue into the snow below. He smiled and nodded to Eddy.

Jack: And for the first time since I don't remember when
I felt just like my old bony self again
And I, Jack, the Pumpkin King
That's right . . .

Eddy: What?

Then Eddy watched in shock as Jack suddenly ripped the remains of his Santa suit off, revealing his old black and white pinstripe suit underneath.

Jack: I am the Pumpkin King! Ha, ha, ha, ha!

Jack shouted his last line, causing Eddy to jump again. But Eddy soon found Jack’s laughter contagious. As Jack began to dance around the cemetery, Eddy was laughing hysterically.

Jack: And I just can't wait until next Halloween
'Cause I've got some new ideas that will really make them scream
And, by God, I'm really going to give it all my might!

Eddy: Woo-hoo hoo hoo!

Just then, Jack stopped. Then he thought.

Jack: Uh-oh. I hope there's still time to set things right.
Sandy Claws, hmm . . .

Jack turned and looked at the tomb under the angel statue where Eddy stood. He suddenly realized its purpose. Jack ran over to the tomb, taking the Santa hat from Eddy and putting it in his pocket. Then he opened the doors of the tomb, grabbed Eddy by the arm, and half-dragged him inside. Zero followed them in.

“Let’s go, boys,” said Jack. “Christmas isn’t over yet!”
Chapter 13.

Songs featured: Eddy's Halloween
Poor Jack featuring Eddy

Note: "Eddy's Halloween" is based on the song "Halloween" from the musical Rent. Once again, I just redid the lyrics. "Halloween" and Rent belong to their respective owners.

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Ed Edd n Eddy (c) Danny Antonucci
The Nightmare Before Christmas (c) Tim Burton, Henry Selick
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