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Sally had led Double D right to the tree house near the woods. And Double D could tell just by looking at it that it wasn’t going to be easy rescuing Ed and Santa.

“Just as I thought,” Sally whispered, peering into one of the windows. “Sandy Claws was taken to Oogie’s place.”

“Oogie?” asked Double D, gulping. “Who’s that?”

“The meanest character in all of Halloween Town,” said Sally.

“I was afraid of that,” said Double D.

“And it looks like he has your friend, too,” added Sally.

Double D cautiously peeked in. Sure enough, Ed was dangling in the air by his eyebrow next to Santa. And of course, Ed had a smile on his face. “Typical . . . ” thought Double D. “So, what’s the plan Sally?” he asked his comrade.

“It goes like this . . . ” Sally answered.


Later, inside Oogie’s lair, Oogie picked up a pair of dice. “Are you a gambling man, Sandy?” he asked, walking over to Santa. “Let’s play!” But before he could start the game, a rustling sound caught Oogie’s ear. “Huh?” When he turned around, he saw a woman’s leg sticking out from behind the door. “My, my. What have we here?” he asked, walking away from Santa.

As Oogie walked away, a pair of hands slid down the rope holding Santa. One hand clapped over Santa’s mouth, and the other pointed up.

There, above Santa and Ed, peering out of a barred window, were Sally and Double D.

“We’ll get you out of here,” whispered Sally. Her hands began to untie Santa.

“Hello, Double D!” whispered Ed. “Do you want to be an elf, too?”

“Not quite, Ed. . .” whispered Double D.

By this time, Sally’s hands had freed Santa. Double D began to lower a rope ladder down. At the same time, Double D cringed at the sight of Oogie playing with Sally’s leg.

“Hurry!” Double D whispered to Santa. “While he’s distracted!”

“Oh, good plan Double D!” Ed whispered as Santa began to climb up the ladder. “I’ll distract that guy while you guys go for help!”

“Ed, we are the help,” whispered Sally.

“LONDON BRIDGE IS FALLING DOWN, FALLING DOWN, FALLING DOWN!” Ed suddenly began singing at full volume.

“Ed, no!” hissed Double D. “Shhhh!”

But it didn’t really matter, because at the same time, Oogie realized that there wasn’t a body attached to the leg he was playing with. “What?” he yelled, turning around. “You try to make a dupe out of me?”

Oogie then took a deep breath and inhaled, causing a strong suction throughout the room. It ended up pulling poor Santa back in, along with Sally and Double D, who had fallen out of the window. The only one who wasn’t affected was Ed, who kept singing over the noise.

“LONDON BRIDGE IS FALLING DOWN, MY FAIR LADY!” Then the suction pulled Ed’s eyebrow free from the hook, and he landed on the ground with a THUD. Then he sat up laughing. That’s when he finally noticed what exactly Oogie was doing. “Have mercy, deframed creature from the Netherworld!” Ed shouted as he, too, was sucked in.


Eddy could barely sit still as he waited in the sleigh for Jack. They were now at Rolf’s house, and Jack was busy giving Rolf his present: a possessed sheep shearer.

Just then, Jack came back up the chimney. “So, how’d it go?” asked Eddy.

“It was tricky, actually,” said Jack. “I almost didn’t find a place to put the present. The whole living room was covered in meat.”

“That’s Rolf for ya,” said Eddy as the sleigh went airborne again. “He’s the farm boy from the ‘old country’.”

“You seem to be enjoying this, Eddy,” said Jack. “You’ve been smiling the whole time.”

“Well, of course I am,” said Eddy. “They deserve it!”

“Hmm?” asked Jack. “Those kids deserve my presents?”

“They sure do, considering the way they treat Ed, Double D, and me like dirt!” said Eddy.

“Why’s that?”

“Heck, I don’t know!” said Eddy. “Geez, you trick them out of their money once or twice, and they totally turn on you . . . ”

“You trick those kids out of their money?” asked Jack.

“That’s what I said,” said Eddy.

“Well, if you ask me, Eddy, it seems that you aren’t giving those kids a good reason to be your friend.”

Eddy was a little shocked by this. He hadn’t really thought of it like that. “Oh . . . um . . . I guess you might be right. I guess we could lay off the scams once and awhile . . . ”

“Scams?” asked Jack. “What kind of scams?”

“You name it, and we’ve probably tried it,” said Eddy. “Canadian squirt guns, wax dummies, bee extermination, career counseling, time travel . . . the list goes on and on. I guess we’ll do anything just to get our hands on jawbreakers.”

“So, what exactly is a jawbreaker?” asked Jack.

“Just the most mouth-watering, delectable, insatiable piece of hard candy in the entire stinkin’ world!” answered Eddy. “They’re a big ball of hard candy you stuff in your cheek, and then you just let it melt in your mouth. It’s so good, Jack. But don’t chew on it or try to swallow it. Ed found that out the hard way once . . . ”

“Candy, huh?” said Jack. “They sound good. I’ll have to try one.”

“Jack, I promise you, when we’re done with this, I’ll get you a jawbreaker even if it kills me,” said Eddy.

“Why thank you, Eddy,” said Jack. “I’d like that.”

Just then, something rammed into the side of the sleigh, jerking Eddy and Jack side to side.

“Hey, what’s going on?” asked Eddy.

Jack looked over at the side. There was a big hole in it. Then he looked down. Pure terror appeared on his face. He could finally see the guns aiming at the sleigh.

“They’re trying to shoot us!” Jack exclaimed, the horror present in his voice. “ZERO!”

Zero and the skeletal reindeer tried to dodge the bullets, but soon the sky was full of them, and they became impossible to dodge.

“STOP SHOOTING!” Jack yelled at their attackers. “There’s a kid up here!” But, of course, nobody could hear them.

Then, the biggest bullet of them all was fired, and it was headed straight for the middle of the sleigh!

“Oh man,” said Eddy, who had spotted the big bullet. “This is gonna hurt in the morning.”

Then, without thinking, Jack threw his body on top of Eddy’s just as the bullet struck. The sleigh exploded in mid-air.

Eddy felt himself falling, and he slowly began to lose consciousness. The last thing he heard before blacking out was Jack’s voice ringing throughout the sky.

“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night . . . ”


Unfortunately, everyone in Halloween Town had seen the explosion in the Witches cauldron. And they all assumed that the worst had happened.

“I knew this Christmas thing was a bad idea,” said the Mayor, crying. “I felt it in my gut.” He then got into his car and began to drive around, speaking into the loudspeaker in his car. His sad voice echoed throughout Halloween Town. “Terrible news, folks. The worst tragedy of our time. Jack has been blown to smithereens. Terrible, terrible news.”


Things weren’t so good in Peach Creek either, as terrified families cautiously peeked out of locked houses. Another news report rang through the empty streets.

“Attention, attention citizens. Terrible news. There's still no sign of Santa Claus. Although the impostor has been shot down, it looks like Christmas will have to be canceled this year. I repeat, the impostor has been shot down but there's still no sign . . . ”
Chapter 12.

Songs Featured: None. Just some mild peril for everyone.

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Ed Edd n Eddy (c) Danny Antonucci
The Nightmare Before Christmas (c) Tim Burton, Henry Selick
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wow! this story is getting better and better! u hav more imagination than i do!
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Glad you're enjoying it. ;)

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"What are ya, some kinda troll or something?"--Eddy, Ed Edd n Eddy

"I reject your reality and substitute my own!"--Adam Savage, Mythbusters

"Aren't tracer rounds illegal?"--Jamie Hyneman, Mythbusters
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:shrug: Eh, there are always those people who tend to view and run...I should know... ^^;

"What are ya, some kinda troll or something?"--Eddy, Ed Edd n Eddy

"I reject your reality and substitute my own!"--Adam Savage, Mythbusters

"Aren't tracer rounds illegal?"--Jamie Hyneman, Mythbusters
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