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Jack Skellington was riding through the fog in his coffin sleigh. Luckily, Zero’s nose was very bright, so he didn’t have that much difficulty seeing. When the fog finally cleared, Jack was thrilled to see his destination. The human world!

Meanwhile, inside the present sack, Eddy was sifting through the presents in the dark. He kept having to remind himself to be quiet about it because Jack was right there. As he looked for his present in vain, Eddy began to wonder why he hadn’t done this earlier.

Suddenly, the sleigh hit solid ground with a THUMP, causing Eddy to bounce up and hit his head on the lid of the trunk.

“Ow!” he said, then quickly clamped his hands over his mouth. Had Jack heard him?

Jack stepped out of the sleigh and reached into the trunk to grab his sack. As he flung it over his shoulder, he noticed that it seemed heavier now than it had been in Halloween Town.

“Maybe I made more presents than I thought . . . ” Jack said to himself as he walked over to the chimney.

Eddy felt himself being pushed down the chimney, which was filled with soot. He quickly covered his nose and mouth so he wouldn’t cough and blow his cover.

When Eddy felt solid ground again, he wanted to take a peek so badly. But that would mean blowing his cover, and that was the last thing he wanted right now.

That was when Eddy thought of something. Jack would have to open the sack to get the presents out. Meaning Eddy would be caught no matter what! Mentally grumbling, Eddy dug his way to the bottom of the sack. But as he was making himself comfortable . . .


Eddy stopped. He knew that voice. Nobody had a high, squeaky, annoying voice like that. Nobody except . . .

As Jack was about to open the sack, he heard a small, timid-sounding voice. He turned around and saw a little boy with curly hair and a huge orthodontia brace attached to his head. He was wearing a light-blue pajama suit.

Jack smiled. “Merry Christmas!” he said, walking up to the boy. “And what’s your name?”

The boy was shocked. He never knew Santa Claus was so pale and skinny. “Uh. . .uh. . .” he mumbled, taking a step back.

Now Eddy was positive that he knew that voice. It was Jimmy’s voice! This was Jimmy’s house! He was in Peach Creek!

“That’s all right,” Jack said to Jimmy. “I have a special present for you anyway.” He turned to his sack. As he reached for it, a pair of hands shot out, holding Jimmy’s present. “Thank you,” he said, taking the present. The hands quickly disappeared into the sack. Jack turned back to Jimmy. “There you go, sonny,” he said, handing Jimmy the present. He then picked the sack back up, and crawled back up the chimney.

Eddy was mentally beating himself up. Why the heck had he done that? “Real smooth, Eddy,” he thought to himself. “Jack’s sure to be onto me now!

But surprisingly, Jack didn’t even seem to notice. He simply put the sack back in the trunk and took off to the next house.

Eddy didn’t interfere with the next houses. He simply laid low at the bottom of the sack, hoping like heck Jack wouldn’t see him. Miraculously, with every house they visited, Jack didn’t seem to notice Eddy.

But Eddy was beginning to notice something strange. At each house they visited, every time they left, he seemed to hear screaming. Eddy began to get suspicious. What exactly had Jack put in those presents?


Back in Halloween Town, the townspeople, including Sally and Double D, were watching Jack through a cauldron in the Witches’ house. A nearby radio was on, too. Sally and Double D were not liking what they were hearing.

“Reports are pouring in from all over the globe that an impostor is shamelessly impersonating Santa Claus, mocking and mangling this joyous holiday. Police assure us that this moment, military units are mobilizing to stop the perpetrator of this heinous crime.”

“Military units?” asked Sally. “Oh no . . . ” She had to do something! “Jack. Someone has to help Jack. Where'd they take that Sandy Claws?” She then got up to leave.

When Double D saw Sally leaving, he decided that he needed to go, too. “Wait, Sally!” he called after her. “I’m going with you!”

“Double D . . . ” said Sally.

“If you’re going to find Santa, chances are that Ed’s probably there, too,” said Double D. “We’re going to need his help to save Eddy and Jack.”

“Okay, you can come,” said Sally.

“Where do you think they took Santa?” asked Double D as they began to run down the empty streets of Halloween Town.

“I have a pretty good idea about that,” said Sally.


Jack was soaring high in the sky when he noticed something.

“Look, Zero!” he called to his dog. “Searchlights!”

The only problem was they weren’t just searchlights. They were targets. And guns aiming for the coffin sleigh flying overhead. They began to shoot, trying to knock it out of the sky.

“Fireworks!” Jack exclaimed. “They’re thanking us for doing such a good job!”

Just then, one of the bullets narrowly missed Zero.

“Whoa, careful down there,” said Jack. “You almost hit us.” Zero whimpered. “It’s okay, Zero. Fly higher!”

So Zero flew higher, above the clouds. They were no longer shooting at Jack. Jack decided to take some time to look over his list.

“Let’s see . . . ” he said, taking his list out. “I gave that shrunken head to Jimmy . . . ”

Eddy stirred inside the sack. A shrunken head? He held back snickers. Jimmy definitely deserved that, considering all the nasty things that sneaky twerp had done to Eddy.

“I gave that zombie doll to Sarah . . . ”

A zombie doll? Now Eddy held back laughter. Sarah deserved that even more! She was even worse than Jimmy! She deserved something that was probably more suitable for her brother, Ed.

“And I’m sure Kevin will enjoy that flaming stick . . . ”

Flaming stick?” Eddy asked out loud, popping his head out of the sack.

“Gotcha, Eddy.”

Eddy froze. “BUSTED!” he screamed in his head. Had Jack even turned around?

“It’s about time, Eddy. You really like hiding, don’t you?”

Eddy’s eyes widened. Then . . . Jack had . . . that meant . . .


Eddy, furious, turned around to look at the Pumpkin King. Jack was facing away from Eddy.

“Like I said before, you’ve got nothing on me, Eddy.”

Eddy, not knowing what else to do, opened his jaw . . . and clamped it down onto the edge of the metal trunk in frustration.

“As long as you’re here, you might as well sit up here where it’s more comfortable.”

Eddy looked at Jack. Sit up with that loser? After he had tricked the Prank King not just once, but twice?

“No way!” said Eddy, releasing his grip from the trunk.

“Yes way,” said Jack. Then he reached behind him, grabbed Eddy by the collar of his costume, and set him down next to him in the sleigh. “There you go. Is that better?”

“No!” said Eddy, still very angry. He slumped down in his seat and peered over the edge of the sleigh. He had to admit, this was a much better view than from the sack.

“I really don’t like that you’ve been spying on me, Eddy,” said Jack.

“I wasn’t spying!” protested Eddy.

“Then what were you doing?” asked Jack.

Eddy sat up. He couldn’t tell Jack his true motive. That would ruin everything. “Uh . . . uh . . . wouldn’t you like to know?” he finally said. He then turned away and went back to looking over the side of the sleigh.

When Jack looked at Eddy, he couldn’t help but notice the map of Halloween Town sticking out of Eddy’s back pocket. What bugged him the most was that the map looked very familiar. Maybe . . .

“Hey Eddy,” said Jack.

“What?” grumbled Eddy.

“Tell me again where you got that map.”

“What, this thing?” asked Eddy, taking the map out. “I already told you, it was my brother’s. I just found it.” He paused. “Why did you want to know?” he asked, a little quieter than before.

“Well, you see, I’ve only known one other person with a map like that,” said Jack. “He was an old friend of mine, but I haven’t seen him for a few years.”

“Really . . . ” said Eddy. “What was his name?”

Jack smiled. “You know, during the time I spent with him, I don’t think I ever found out his real name,” he said. “When we first met, I asked him, but he said it wasn’t important. He was dressed up as something called a Red Baron, so I just called him Baron.”

Eddy turned back to Jack. “Huh, what a coincidence,” he thought. When he was three and his big brother was twelve, Eddy remembered that his big brother dressed up as the Red Baron for Halloween.

“When did you first meet him?” asked Eddy.

“Nine years ago, on Halloween night,” said Jack. “I wasn’t as famous as I am now, though.”

Eddy’s eyes widened. That was more than a coincidence. That was actually a little creepy.

“And how long did you two know each other?” Eddy asked.

“For about six years,” said Jack. “We only saw each other once a year, on Halloween, but he always showed up. And he was always dressed up as something different. But we always would just walk around and chat about things.”

Eddy thought back. As he grew up, he noticed that his brother always seemed to disappear for long periods of time on Halloween night. And whenever Eddy asked him where he went, his brother would never answer him. Eddy looked at the map in his hands. He began to wonder . . .

“Jack . . . when was the last time you saw him?”

“Oh . . . ” The smile disappeared from Jack’s face. He looked sad. “That was about three years ago. It was Halloween, and he was just about to go home . . . and then he said he had something serious to talk to me about. He said that he wouldn’t be able to come back to Halloween Town . . . that he had to go far away and wouldn’t be able to see me anymore. He hasn’t been back since. I really miss him . . . ”

Eddy stared at the map again. Three years ago, his brother had to leave for college. He had one last question for Jack.

“Jack . . . did he ever say anything about a little brother?”

Jack’s eyes lit up. “Now that you mention it, yes he did,” he said. “In fact, that was his favorite thing to talk about. Every year, he would talk about how his little brother was just like him, and how he always played with these two friends of his who had the same name as he did. He mentioned that they were always trying to trick the other kids out of their money so they could buy something called a ‘jawbreaker’ . . . and now that I think of it, that was the last thing we ever talked about. He promised me that he was going to leave the map so his little brother would find it one day and come play with me. The only problem was that Baron never told me his little brother’s name . . . ”

Eddy smiled. He looked like he was going to cry. “Jack . . . I think I just might know who Baron’s little brother is.”

“You do?” asked Jack. “Who . . . ” That’s when he realized something. He looked at the map again. Then he looked at Eddy. “You say this was your older brother’s map?” he asked quietly.

All Eddy could do was nod.

“Oh my gosh . . . ” said Jack. He was so shocked, he almost dropped the reins controlling the reindeer. Now he felt like crying, too.

“And you know what?” Eddy asked softly. “I miss him too.”

Eddy and Jack just stared at the map for a while. Was this really . . . was it really Eddy’s . . . did he really . . . ?

Jack broke the silence. “Eddy, do you want to steer the reindeer?”

Jack’s question surprised Eddy. “Really?” he asked, putting the map back in his pocket.

“Sure, it’s not that hard,” said Jack.

Eddy carefully took the reins from Jack. He was a little shaky at first, but he immediately got the hang of it. “Maybe Jack isn’t so bad . . .” he thought.

This moment of peace, however, was not meant to last.
Chapter 11.

Songs featured: None. Just a neat little plot twist for you. ;)

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Ed Edd n Eddy (c) Danny Antonucci
The Nightmare Before Christmas (c) Tim Burton, Henry Selick
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