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Chrono Universe by AMX-269 Chrono Universe by AMX-269
I spent most of yesterday drawing this, and most of today drawing it. Overall, I'm proud of it. ^_^

Row 1, Left to Right

Jasper as Magus: My first time drawing Jasper! Once I got her general shape down, she was easier to draw than I expected. She's definitely the perfect choice for Magus, though I'm still not 100 percent certain she's redeemable within the actual show itself.

Garnet as Robo: Both Robo and Garnet can launch their fists as missiles, so I decided that would work. But obviously, she's not made up of Ruby and Sapphire as an android. Maybe they're off in a secret room somewhere controlling Garnet, a la Cait Sith.

Peridot as Lucca: A hammy, gun-toting, electronic-loving scientist, and a hammy, drill-wielding, electronic-loving Gem. Perfect! And admit it: you can definitely see Peridot calling herself "Peridot the Great" and proclaiming "Sometimes I amaze myself!"

Lapis as Schala: Probably the game's most famous NPC, and one of the show's most popular Gems. Plus, Schala ended up getting trapped in Lavos indefinitely, and Lapis was trapped in a mirror indefinitely. There you go!

Row 2, Left to Right

Pearl as Frog/Glenn: Okay, I swear there's a logical explanation for this. I was originally going to have Pearl transformed into a rabbit, as an obscure reference to Sailor Moon/Usagi (her name means "rabbit," and her birthstone is Pearl). But when I sketched it out, it just looked weird. In the original game, Magus turned Glenn into a frog as an insult, so I tried a similar logic with Jasper turning Pearl into something; in this case, a tiny, jittery mouse. But like Frog, Pearl ends up continuing to use her swordsmanship as her main advantage.

Steven as Crono: Natch. Steven would probably play more defensively than Crono, but there's no doubt that they're the main focus of their respective stories. And it would probably be as much of a gut punch if at one point, Steven gets killed off (or "poofed," so to speak).

Connie as Marle: Also an obvious choice. I did tweak Connie's outfit a bit, because sixteen-year-old Marle's top is strapless. Since Connie is barely thirteen, I'm guessing there wouldn't be as much holding the top up.

Amethyst as Ayla: The pelt she's wearing is a puma's. Get it? Plus, it looks a little more natural than the lavender pelt Ayla wears, even though it looks appropriate for her character.

Steven Universe (c) Rebecca Sugar
Chrono Trigger (c) Square Enix
DraginKYle44 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2016
schalaplz Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm not too familiar with SU. Saw a few episodes but didn't interest me. Cute drawing though.
javy905 Featured By Owner May 21, 2016  Student Photographer
Chrono Universe from Sugar soft coming soon to the super gem entertainment system
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