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China Cup and Sippi Mug by AMX-269 China Cup and Sippi Mug by AMX-269
With all the craze around Cuphead, I thought "Why not?", and made future daughters for Cuphead and Mugman.

China Cup's Bio
China Cup is a dainty little lady, and the apple of her daddy Cuphead's eye. After nearly losing his and Mugman's souls to the Devil, Cuphead became much more cautious, trying to protect China Cup from any dangers that he could. While she's a little on the delicate side, China Cup knows all of her dad's shooting techniques, and she will fight back at the first sign of trouble...even if it is a little scary. Just like Cuphead would do anything for China Cup, China Cup will do anything for her daddy.

Sippi Cup's Bio
Sippi Mug is Mugman's rough-and-tumble daughter who's not afraid to get into a scrap. Defeating the Devil helped Mugman gain some much-needed confidence, so he made sure to teach Sippi Mug how important it was to face problems head-on. Being a year older than China Cup, Sippi Mug is very protective of her "baby cousin." While Sippi Cup sometimes runs into situations without thinking, she ultimately means well, and she loves her dad very much...even if he's still a bit of a wimp sometimes.

China Cup & Sippi Mug (c) AMX-269
Cuphead (c) StudioMDHR Entertainment
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October 26, 2017
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