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Are you a squid or a gorilla? by AMX-269 Are you a squid or a gorilla? by AMX-269
Finally got a Nintendo Switch this week, along with Splatoon 2, so I finally had an excuse to try out an idea I've had for a while: Gorillaz (Phase 1 designs) as Splatoon characters!

2D and Noodle are both Inklings; apparently, Inklings aren't able to retain a more human form until around 14, but since Noodle is a super soldier, I feel like she'd be a bit ahead of the curve. Murdoc is a Sea Urchin mainly because of the canon character Spyke; it took me a while to figure out how to make spikes out of his hair and still make it look like him. With Russel, I tried to be a little more creative; he's a Barreleye Fish, a deep-sea fish with a see-through head (so there's more emphasis on his eyes). Finally, there's Russel's buddy Del Tha Funkee Sea Angel; turns out there is such a thing as a Ghost Fish, but it's freshwater, so I decided to find something that would fit a little better.

Doing this drawing has also given me a strong desire to hear "Clint Eastwood" sung in Inkling. Hey, Katy Perry recorded some of her songs in Simlish, so it wouldn't be completely out of the question, right?

Gorillaz (c) Damon Albarn & Jamie Hewlett
Splatoon (c) Nintendo
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