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In the earlier episode "Talkin' Trash," there's a "joke" about how Timmy's Dad would be arrested if he referred to the chores Timmy does without pay as a job. A few seasons later, and we get Timmy  basically being forced into indentured servitude over something that really wasn't even about him. Long-term character derailment at its most potent, ladies and gentlemen. Seriously, how did it come to Timmy's Dad mistaking a scarecrow for his son not once, but twice? Are situations like this supposed to be payback for the times Timmy does act like an insensitive jerk? Well, it doesn't look like many people seeing it that way, since I've read one theory that Timmy's jerkish behavior stems from learning that everyone else's lives would be better if he didn't exist ("It's a Wishful Life"), or my theory that he's just copying the abusive behavior shown by his parents to him.

The "B-plot" of this episode doesn't fare much better. I'll admit, all the "Wizard of Oz" references didn't work for me; maybe it's just because I'm part of the .01 percent of people who doesn't care for it. But even if I did, I would think it gets old after a while. And once again, FOP relies on stereotypes and negative depictions to carry them along. I'm surprised I haven't seen more hate from this episode by people from Cleveland. I've never been there, but I'm pretty sure it's not streets full of crime scenes. And you can tell that the writers wrote their way into a corner with the lost wands; this little plot device was already getting pretty old, but that was just lazy.

A while ago, I discovered a TV Trope called "Darkness Induced Audience Apathy," which is a situation where the characters/settings in any given story look bad, and it completely loses the audience. FOP was one of the examples shown for the trope, and I believe it. Who wants to watch a show about a supposedly "average kid" who acts like a jerk half the time, and is being crushed by everyone else around him the other half?

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yodajax10 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017
You wanna know the worst thing is? In a sense, Timmy actually tried to KILL HIMSELF. When he sees a tornado, he hopes it will take him away OR put him out of his misery. The more I see that I hate Timmy's parents more and more.
Phantomlord01 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2016
Mr. Valentine, go back to writing episodes for the Ultimate Spider man and MLP please, it's clear that that's your shtick, not FOP.
springtrap92 Featured By Owner Edited Jun 28, 2015  Hobbyist Interface Designer
It really seems as though they enjoy using the older stereotypes and assumptions to make their episode seem funny, but they hardly come close. I think the Fairly Oddparents were about 30 years too late on the Cleveland jokes,  I've been there a couple times, and although it still has some crime ridden parts, its nowhere near as bad as they depicted it in this episode. Cleveland has actually managed to bring itself back to life and has cleaned up its act over the years. I think the police department there may have actually complained about this episode and demanded an apology. But back to the point, you are spot on with pretty much everything, but it seems as though the writers really hate the Rust Belt, cause they did a "joke" about Pittsburgh too in the episode "This is Your Wish"
For Ed Valentine's last episode, he didn't do a good job. He's seen better days on MLP and Doc McStuffins.
toonbro13 Featured By Owner May 23, 2015
erm the last ep of this season was operation dinkleburg and thats one of the best eps of this season
ToonsJazzLover Featured By Owner May 23, 2015
For some reason, Nick didn't even air this episode on summer 2011 when they premiered the remaining episodes that time. They aired this on 2012.
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