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Admirable Animations-Lion 3: Straight to Video by AMX-269 Admirable Animations-Lion 3: Straight to Video by AMX-269
Let's face it; Steven Universe has had a lot of good episodes already, and it's still in its first season. Now that's impressive. And in my opinion, this episode is one of the best yet. Yeah, other episodes are pretty good, and the songs are always great (even though I think "Coach Steven" is pretty flawed, "Strong in the Real Way" is one of my favorite songs so far). But this episode does something I think needed to be done: we got to see Rose Quartz herself, and got some insight into what her personality is really like.

Yeah, we've heard about her from Greg and the Gems, but of course they're going to be nothing but praising of her. You have to admit, Pearl in particular can get a little dramatic sometimes. But in this episode, we finally get a glimpse of who Rose really was...and it looks like Greg and the Gems have their reasons for thinking so highly of her. She's not seen for very long, but her appearance definitely makes its impact. It's clear that she unconditionally loves Steven, even though he's not born yet, and even though that Steven being born means she'll ultimately die, for lack of a better term. Deep down, she's willing to give her life in order to bring a symbol of love between her and Greg into the world.

And really, who wouldn't want a mother like that?

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Awesome episode
Flutterbunny76 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2015
I cried at the end...This is definitely the best currently running cartoon on Cartoon Network.
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