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Admirable Animations-A Perfect Nightmare by AMX-269 Admirable Animations-A Perfect Nightmare by AMX-269
Is it bad that I kinda love the title card for this episode?

For many years, I thought I needed to do everything perfectly in order to make people like me. And it did work...or, at least, I thought it did. I mean, yeah, people were happy that I was a good student and that I had a lot of different talents, but inside, I was a mess. I hated getting grades lower than what others expected me to get, yet I was often too scared to ask for help, in fear of what others would think. I ended up doing some things that I really didn't like, but felt like I had no choice but to do them. Finally, I decided that doing all this wasn't worth me going crazy, so I finally stopped the things I didn't like, and started trying to avoid obsessing over my grades and just doing my best. I'm not completely better, but I definitely know now that being perfect (or at least looking perfect) isn't worth going insane over.

Maybe that's why I connected with this episode so much. The basic plot is that Timmy wishes he and his parents were the perfect family so his dad can win a contest. The only main flaw in this episode is the different jokes where Mr. and Mrs. Turner both participate in thievery. But in my opinion, that's a big improvement considering other episodes have shown them not feeding their son (on multiple occasions), shipping him in a dog crate, and being thrilled to send him to military school.

And like I said, those little jokes aren't the point of the episode. The point is that realistically, no family can be truly defined as "perfect," not even the Turners. Especially not the Turners. And you do have to give them credit for realizing that trying to be perfect isn't for them. It took me years to even consider that.

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Spongey444 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2015
I'd call this one debatable, and i'll have to into my reasons another tine, but i will say that it's kind of like a lesser version of "Not Normal" from Spongebob
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