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AMX's Thoughts-Hot Salad Water by AMX-269 AMX's Thoughts-Hot Salad Water by AMX-269
Even though I'm not as into it nowadays, I still stand by my belief that "Axis Powers Hetalia" can be a fun way to learn about history if you take it the right way. Yeah, it's not 100 percent accurate, but when you get right down to it, it's a cartoon. Of course there's going to be exaggerations and goofy scenarios. But if this one show can make someone become more interested in the actual events and cultures these countries present, then that's something good, right? One thing I've always noticed about "Hetalia" is that despite the fact that these multiple nations can have drastically different personalities, and they may not always like one another, there's still a level of respect present. None of the nations are ever depicted as "bad" because of their particular culture or customs being different from others. Every nation has their own way of doing things, and as long as it doesn't result in any real threat, there's nothing wrong with that.

On the flip-side, you get shows and episodes like this one. Situations where a country with customs different from "our country" are depicted as backwards and inferior. Situations where the bare minimum of stereotypes are used for cheap laughs. Situations that proclaim that because "our country" has certain superficial aspects, it's automatically the best. Nickelodeon had an episode like that once, but it hasn't been seen in years; and yet somehow, the creator still finds it appropriate to take cheap shots at Europe, and he's been able to make three other shows with little to no consequence...but that's another story.

This is one of those pieces of media where all that kept going through my head while I was watching it was a derisive 'America, fuck yeah!' And considering the last line of the episode, maybe the writers were genuinely going for an exaggerated parody. But here's the thing: the show's overall reputation takes away any chance of people just dismissing this as something not to be taken seriously. In the past, the show's writers have expressed an inability to listen to any kind of constructive criticism, instead choosing to make the infamous "Attack the Critics" episodes that continue to draw ire. Not only that, but there are numerous cases where the show engages in massive hypocrisy, such as an episode where the message is to not be blinded by a show that is clearly leeching off the success of its predecessor, and featuring the characters in an anti-bullying campaign when they've clearly acted like bullies themselves on more than one occasion.

The point is, an episode like this is unacceptable. It's not acceptable to generalize a country and its customs down to one stereotype and treat it as a "bad guy" just because it's different. It's not acceptable to put a stigma on a nation's populace because of something that happened years ago. It's not acceptable to be clueless about why exactly other nations have such negative opinions about us in response to people making generalizations and exaggerations like this.

It's bad enough that politics has become such a circus that people are seriously listening to a guy who rants about pickle jars and has abysmal video editing. The last thing America needs right now is episodes like this to make it worse.

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citytoon Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
that show got a point
DandyAndy1989 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2017
And nobody's gonna bring up the fact that this is also another "take" on the original series? Remember the episode "Revolution" and how Mad Mod tried to do the same thing, only it was actually clever and enjoyable? That worked because we know he's supposed to be evil. He tried to do what his people tried to do back then. He sucked out Robin's youth, took over the city by transforming it into a British colony, and had some pretty funny lines.

"They're not cookies! They're biscuits! Repeat after me: bis-cuits!"

And the montage? Oh, the montage.

Mad Mod did it right, this portrayal of the queen did it wrong.
josejr22 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2017  Student Writer
Ok why the h is this real? It's like making an episode that's a middle finger to britian.
josejr22 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2017  Student Writer
Whats the plot here? It sounds........interesting
AMX-269 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2017   Writer
Robin tells the other Titans they cannot drink tea because it's British, and Britain has apparently been trying to take America over again since the American Revolution. The other Titans drink the tea anyway, and begin using British slang and dressing in old-fashioned British clothing. Robin finds out that this was part of the Queen of England's evil plan to take over America, and they have a giant robot battle where Robin uses the Statue of Liberty to blast the Queen back to Britain. The Titans then spend the last minute of the episode saying they never want to act like "backwards" British people again, while at the same time repeating "Yay! America!" over and over.


Yes, really.
josejr22 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2017  Student Writer
Ok I just seen it and.....uh..

.its bad like REALLY bad
josejr22 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2017  Student Writer
.....ok HALT First off: I though the American revolution was over. B: did the British out a noncontagious virus that makes people into British people. And's.........the most gingoistic episode I ever heard of.....and I seen mrenters review of the also gingoistic king of the hill epsiode uh oh canada how do you accomplished that?!
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