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AMX's Thoughts: Destination Imagination by AMX-269 AMX's Thoughts: Destination Imagination by AMX-269 what exactly do I mean by mean-spirited or ignorant behavior? Well, just consider these scenarios: what if Goo had just explained from the get-go why she makes so many imaginary friends, or if Frankie and Herriman just listened to Mac's side of the story instead of assuming Goo is his girlfriend? What if Mac had done a little more investigating to see if Cheese had his own owner instead of just assuming that he created him? What if someone had just told Bloo that they didn't like his Halloween pranks instead of orchestrating a zombie apocalypse, and then getting angry at him when he essentially tries to defend himself?  Heck, what if Mr. Herriman wasn't so pushy and demanding that the Foster's residents wouldn't be so jumpy about puppies being in the house, or that a personal video of him went viral, or even that a bust broke (and keep in mind, I actually like "Busted," mostly because Bloo's personality in that episode matched the one he had in the pilot)?

Sadly, this movie is no exception to that brand of logic. At first, this movie's plot does seem feasible: after Frankie finally reaches her breaking point in terms of tending to Foster's, she disappears. Okay, fair enough. That's always been a point throughout the series: Frankie is overworked. Unfortunately, the way this movie expands on that, not so great. Yes, it is feasible that Frankie would eventually get so fed up with Herriman specifically that she would essentially go on strike. However, the way she goes about this are, when you get right down to it, unfair to the people who depend on her help.

Anyway, because Frankie has disappeared, the core gang decide to go looking for her, ending up in World's ever-changing...well, world. And after getting through everything World throws at them to try and prevent them from finding Frankie, how does she repay them? By snapping at them, accusing them of being selfish, and refusing to go back. Now, you're supposed to be on Frankie's side, since everyone else is supposedly being selfish for always depending on her, but let me explain why I believe this doesn't work.

Remember that time Alec Baldwin called his daughter those choice names in that voicemail he left her? Well, at the time, he was still going through his divorce, so it could be easily interpreted as that the person Alec Baldwin was really angry at was his ex, and he ended up taking it out on the daughter. This is not an excuse for his behavior, but it is a reason. Well, it's kind of the same situation here. At the end of the day, it was not the main gang or the other Foster's residents that drove Frankie away; it was Mr. Herriman being unreasonable that was the main source of conflict. And instead of Frankie explaining to the residents, or even her grandmother (the owner of the building, remember) that she could use some help from time to time, she just decided to leave, with no explanation and no warning, and wasn't even really planning to return. Instead of the Foster's residents appearing selfish because they expected Frankie to take care of everything, it's Frankie who appears selfish because she just left to get away from her responsibilities, without thinking of how anyone else would react to her sudden disappearance.

In the end, this story does have a predictable resolution: World is allowed out of the chest he was locked in, and the Foster's residents pitch in more around the house. However, that doesn't change the fact that if Frankie had just sat down and talked to somebody about how she was feeling, this whole thing could have been avoided. And even if Herriman disagreed, he should not have the last word; Madame Foster should. If Funny Bunny is willing to dance for his owner, he should be willing to listen to her too.

Thank goodness McCracken seemed to learn his lesson with this in "Wander Over Yonder," because this show falls apart really quickly when you realize how many plots could have been resolved much quicker if everyone had just stopped and talked to each other like normal human beings...or imaginary friends...or whatever.

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ANATOLESTING Featured By Owner May 19, 2017
Well, I admit than after watch season four I really disliked this show. But Destination Imagination is good. There are many good ideas and creativity in this épisodes. Even after I have stopped to Watch Foster, I have give one chance to Destination Imagination and I don't regret.
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