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AMX's Thoughts-Coach Steven by AMX-269 AMX's Thoughts-Coach Steven by AMX-269
There's a reason I wrote an alternate ending to this episode. Out of all the Crystal Gems, I think Pearl is the one that gets on my nerves most often. Yes, it's clear that she's a competent fighter and that she cares for Steven, but still, sometimes she just comes off as this insensitive, smug know-it-all. We even have the scene at the beginning of this episode where Amethyst mentions that Pearl always has "this smug look on her face" whenever she's right. So Pearl knows she's smart, and she's not afraid to let others know about it.

And yet, we're supposed to see Pearl as the good guy in this episode because for whatever reason, Garnet apologized for not listening to her. Meanwhile, Pearl couldn't even bring herself to admit she was jealous of Steven's attention toward Sugilite, and insisting that she's strong "in the real way." But really, is there a real way to be strong? Yeah, being smart's a good thing, but there has to be some cases where being physically strong is a positive.

Either way, the ending of this episode rubbed me the wrong way so hard, I had to make another ending which felt more satisfying. You can't have a story where both sides did something in the wrong, but only one side admits to it. What about being strong enough to realize that you're going to have shortcomings, and that all must be free to forge their own strengths? Are you strong in that way, Pearl?

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WritingForNoReason Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2015  Student General Artist
Pearl is my favorite gem but I do agree she can be a huge know-it-all.
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