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AMX-269's Top 5 Good Games that I Hate by AMX-269 AMX-269's Top 5 Good Games that I Hate by AMX-269
This meme was created by modifying this one:…

This is a subject that's popped into my mind recently. Now, for those of you who know me, it's pretty obvious that I'm a huge fan of video games. A lot of the games I don't like, it's because of things like bad controls, a nonsensical story, unlikable characters, etc. However, there are also some games that I can overall consider good, but for whatever reason, I still just don't like them. On that note, I hereby present the Top Five Good Games that I Hate. Why top five? ...Because that's pretty much all I've got.

Also, a quick note: I know there are going to be people who don't agree with my choices, but my opinions are not facts. Therefore, I will be using any flames to keep warm, and turning any trolls to stone. 'Kay? Wink/Razz 

5) Skullgirls
Overall, I'm really impressed with this game. It was created by an independent company, has a full voice cast, a colorful selection of characters...what's not to like? Well, here's the thing...I can't figure out how to play this stupid game to save my life. Okay, I'll admit, this is mostly my own fault: I tried to play a fighting game on my computer with a keyboard. That's probably not ideal. But at the same time, is everyone who wants to play this game supposed to figure out how to do all these special maneuvers? It feels like I don't have enough hands to deal with all these controls. Yeah, I was able to beat all the characters' story modes, but only because I was button mashing. Not only that, but the game's story doesn't really do anything for me. Like I said, the characters are definitely interesting (especially Peacock), but if half the characters aren't dead by the end of their stories, they're having to deal with a slow, often painful death or demise. I'm sorry, but...that's not satisfying to me. At all. Disbelief 

4) Katamari Damacy
For some of the games on this list, I actually hate the fact that I hate them. This game...well I'm not sorry at all. Seriously, I don't see what the big deal is about this game. The gameplay is all right, and the music is definitely...creative, if not repetitive after a while. But what really cemented my hatred for this game was the one character that a lot of people seem to like. Well, let me make myself very clear: THE KING OF ALL COSMOS IS A CHILD ABUSING DOUCHEBAG. Rage Seriously, he's forcing the Prince to clean up his mess, and the poor Prince is never good enough, no matter how much he tries. Sure, "We Love Katamari" shows us that the King was treated the same way by his dad (giving him a "Freudian excuse"), and he was genuinely happy when the Prince was born. But at the same time...this shows us that the King has dealt with the same abuse he's dishing out to the Prince, BUT HE DOES IT ANYWAY. Facepalm How is that supposed to redeem him? Yeah, clearly a lot of people like this game, since it's a cult hit, and I respect that; but still, this is one of the games that genuinely pisses me off no matter how many chances I try to give it.

3) Chibi-Robo Photo Finder
When I first heard about this game, I was super-excited. The original "Chibi-Robo" is one of my favorite games of all time. But when I tried to play this game...hoo, boy was I disappointed. Grump On paper, the game's story and gameplay mechanics are pretty creative: the main point of the game is taking pictures of objects from the past ("Nostaljunk") for a museum. But on the other hand...where's the real story in this? What made the original "Chibi-Robo" such a great game was that it had all these deep, interesting stories in a world you explored as a character that was only a few inches tall. Heck even "Park Patrol" had a story; it was an obvious "Green Aesop" story, but it was still a story. In this game, you take pictures, and the "talking toys" are only present for mini-games from which you earn points to buy templates so you can make more pictures. Does that sound fun? Not only that, but some of the mini-games just feel pointless and not very well executed; I shouldn't have to look up a picture of what a certain obscure food dish looks like to successfully complete a mini-game. Now, maybe that's just my fault; my food palette is admittedly not very...let's say "distinguished." But either way, none of it felt like a "Chibi-Robo" game to me. Helping out a dysfunctional family and reviving an old friend, heck, even stopping a sentient cloud of smog from destroying a park, is ten times more interesting than taking pictures.

2) Kingdom Hearts
Now, you're probably wondering how I can hate this game? I mean, I've made a whole fanfic based on this game, and was planning to create stories based on the other main games in the series before I semi-retired. But still, even though I think "Chain of Memories" is the worst of the main three games gameplay-wise, the first game is still my least favorite. Could it be because you can't skip the cutscenes? Yeah, that's probably part of it. Could it be because there's a lot of worlds in the game I couldn't care less about? Yeah, that's probably part of it too. Then there's the fact that a lot of the plot seems a little cliched to me. Kid hero becomes chosen one, kid hero's best friend is turned evil, obligatory love interest is a princess whose only real relevance to the plot is her soul...sounds real exciting, doesn't it? Yawn  Also, that's one of the other big flaws I see wrong not just with this game, but the series as a whole. I'm going to be honest here...I ship Sora and Riku. I think I've fainted. Yes, I said it. I'm not necessarily saying that Kairi's a bad character because she gets in the way of my yaoi couple, or whatever. However, she's clearly an obligatory love interest, one of my biggest pet peeves in video games (and other media too, but that's another story). Which would be fine, I guess...if it weren't for the fact that Sora and Riku have tons more chemistry than Sora and Kairi would ever hope to have. Yes, "Kingdom Hearts" is definitely an important game; it's the one that started everything. But at the same time, "Kingdom Hearts 2" was infinitely better than the first game.

And now, we come to the good game that I hate the most. And it's definitely the one where I hate the fact that I hate it. Ladies and non-ladies, I give you...

1) Mother 3
Now, I've already said that I'm a huge fan of video games, and I'm sure it's also obvious that one of my favorite video game franchises is the "Mother" series. That said, "Mother 3" is the weakest game in the series for me. I will admit, there are a lot of things the game gets right: visually, it looks good, the characters are all interesting, and the final battle definitely tugs at your heartstrings. But at the same time...something always felt off about this game. And for the longest time, I couldn't figure out what it was. But I think I've finally realized why exactly this is my least favorite game in the series: overall, this isn't a "Mother" game.
What made the first two games charming and memorable was the fact that they had compelling stories, interesting characters, and sincerely intense or scary moments. However, there was a good balance; there were plenty of heartwarming or silly parts to balance out the sad or scary parts. Not only that, but the settings of the first two games were supposed to be the modern day; pretty revolutionary at the time. "Mother 3," on the other hand...throughout the course of the story, we get the death of a mother, the death of a young child, a man gleefully abusing a monkey, the slow corruption of a peaceful town through modernization, and the world being taken over by a bunch of Nazi wannabes in pig costumes. Stare And all this seems to be hanging over the characters' heads throughout the whole thing. As much as I hate to admit it, it's almost as if the game designers were trying too hard to make the players sad. Seriously, does any young child really want to think about the death of their mother? Not even the revelation that Fassad was actually the last Magypsy could redeem his character for me. Yeah, we're supposed to feel sorry for the guy who clearly showed amusement at shocking a monkey, helped corrupt an entire society, and attempted to kill the playable characters multiple times...because he took care of a mouse. Yeah, that makes sense! CURSE YOU! Plus, the world of "Mother 3" feels completely detached from the worlds of "Mother" and "Mother 2," even with Porky/Pokey being the Big Bad. "Mother" and "Mother 2" were about saving the world from aliens; in "Mother 3," you're basically fighting Nazis. Now like I said, all this doesn't mean that "Mother 3" is a completely terrible game. Like I said, the story is decent, despite the copious amounts of angst, and the characters are memorable (Lucas being my favorite). But the way it's executed, and taking its predecessors into account...yeah, as much as I hate to admit it, it just doesn't stack up. At all. No, I disagree! 

And there you have it. I'll probably do another meme once I find one that interests me. Until then, see you next time!

All games belong to their respective owners.
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skullhead4554 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2017
No... Skullgals! :(
Oh well.
finalmaster24 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2017
According to my calculations, the King of All Cosmos is better than Chris Mclean from TD.
Legacy-Galaxy Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
His last name's McLean!?
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Sorry, haven't watched TV in 3 years.
finalmaster24 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2017
Jungle... Jungle wow!
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Just making some Katamari sound effects.
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The1Yoshi Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2015
I don't particularly care for Mother 3's story all that much, only reason it's my 2nd favorite in the series is that the first Mother (Earthbound Zero/Earthbound Beginnings) combat and system is so dated to the point of being unplayable, you pretty much have to force yourself to get to the better parts of the game, the thought of making it through to the more memorable parts like the part in Ellay where the 8-bit All that I needed was you plays as Ninten and his crew dances on the stage in a club or theater, or the endgame where Queen Mary and Magicant vanish and the fight at the end with Giegue are pretty much the things that you have to remind yourself of as a motivation of to keep going especially since one of those parts requires getting through the unfinished unbalanced Mt. Itoi.

But if Mother 1 ever did have a remastered version playing more like Mother 2 or even 3 in the gameplay department Mother 3 would become my least favorite easily, it's definitely my least favorite in terms of story due to how seriously it takes itself, to me the traditional Mother style humor from the last two games seem out of place, I mean it's akward following chapter 1 which began with a family being torn apart by death being followed with the more comedic one with Duster and then immediately after that one is finished following it up with a chapter that features excessive animal abuse. The comedy more comes off as a desperate plea to remind players that this is still a Mother game, I mean it's akward having Mother style humor in the same game where a a peaceful dinosaur creature is turned into a chimera and kills a mother, I mean the Mother games to me have always since even the NES original been about being unconventional humorous rpgs, I'm not saying they're devoid of emotional or serious moments
but their draw to me has always been about how they differentiate themselves from the traditional RPGs and how they've always been about being humorous.

It would be as if Paper Mario, or (if you want an example of a series that has stuck to it's genre) the Mario & Luigi rpg series decided to forego being comedic rpgs and tried having a plot more akin to a Final Fantasy or Tales game, where Mario (and Luigi in the case of the latter RPG series) were not only constantly screwed over by the antagonist but there was tragedy after tragedy with nothing to uplift it later, it akwardly shoehorned in Mario RPG jokes and ended with the antagonist getting away with their last action in the game taunting Mario (and his partners or Luigi) along with Mario and whoever he's with depending on which RPG Mario series losing almost everything they care about in the end. To me Mother 3's story was just too serious and un-traditional, speaking of the Mario RPGs if you think I would have wanted Mother 1 and 2's story rehashed the answer is no, I wanted an unconventional comedic RPG story, the Mario RPGs especially the recent ones don't rehash the previous games story and they still manage to be comedic rpgs and stay that way without even going the route Mother 3 went once in order to be different from one another.

Not to mention the serious stuff in the previous Mother games stood out because they weren't common and weren't in as abundance as they were in Mother 3, would the Muu training or Giygas have been all that special or stood out all that much if moments like them were as common throughout Earthbound as they were throughout Mother 3, personally I see no reason to dislike a Final Fantasy or Tales game's story if you enjoy Mother 3's because it's story is as cliche as one and has some pretty amateurish storytelling mistakes.

I don't even think it handled being serious all that well because as I just said it has some pretty amateurish storytelling mistakes despite coming from an essayist who should know better, to me the whole technology vs nature thing comes off as hypocritical to me considering if Itoi only used the technology old Tazmily had he wouldn't have been able to even create Mother 3 the whole technology vs nature thing only works if your story is in book form, but even if it was the publisher would probably have rejected Itoi for being too lazy to actually write the story himself and telling the consumer to finish it for him, comes off to me a lot like the Brian writes a bestseller episode of Family Guy where Brian leaves pages blank telling others to fill it in themselves, I'll be getting to that but I don't also appreciate how Itoi tries to claim Happy Boxes aren't televisions despite the fact they look and do just about everything a television does, it kind of makes him look like a liar, especially considering the previous two games couldn't have been played without a television and Mother 3 is flat-out played on a device with a television-like screen, there were plenty of other ways to get the point across without making it look like a t.v, again considering what Mother 3 is being played on it seems really hypocritical and his claims they're not supposed to be t.v.'s come across as lying considering how much they're like t.v.'s

And I found the final battle to be a little insulting and forced than sad, it felt like the final battle between Lucas and Claus at the end was trying too hard to evoke emotion to me I didn't cry or find it sad at all because it was insultingly trying forcing emotions, I'm not heartless, I've cried at other things in other media but certainly not this, I personally don't understand how anyone could cry, not because I'm heartless, but why should I cry? The game never gave me much reason to care about Lucas and Claus, I mean we barely have any flashbacks that tell us about their relationship and most flashback told me to care about Hinawa instead, she's the catalyst for the majority of them in present day, and the game put more focus on her concerning the past, I only can name one flashback with just Lucas and Claus previous to this which was the two walking down crossroads in Tazmily where they show cutscenes before the time skip
I felt nothing during the final battle and still don't, I don't understand how it can be sad or why people cry and consider it heart-wrenching at all, and can only think everyone who played will break down at anything so long as it's drawn out with sad music, I know there's a flashback during the fight but by then it's far too late for something like that, you don't just cram one long drawn out emotional flashback in a scene like that play sad music over everything and expect it to work, so many people said how sad it was and how they broke down, I saw it as nothing more than the game desperately trying to force emotions and failing miserably, my beta reader at Fictionpress once told me if you want people to connect, understand, and care about close friends or siblings fighting each other in this kind of situation you have to show they're past and their relationship and you can't just rely on trying to save one flashback at the end and make it seem as emotional as possible, because they ignored telling us anything about Lucas and Claus' relationship the emotional flashback doesn't work there because it's far too late to try and be emotional, instead the game decided searching for the Egg of Light which could have easily been written out of the story and didn't matter in the long-run (seriously the Pigmask kidnap Ledder and it has the same effect, if the people of the White Ship just wiped their memories the same way and relied on Ledder to keep their secrets nothing would change, seriously it had to be one of the worst cases of padding out a story I've seen) and dicking around to pull the seven needles were much more important than actually telling us anything about Lucas and Claus' relationship and give reason to actually care about them when the final battle between them, I couldn't cry because I couldn't care because the game never gave me any reason to care so to me all I felt was insulted at how they were trying to force emotions and how bad they were at trying to be sad and massively failing making me wonder how anyone could consider this sad when they gave hardly any reason to care enough to be sad, and considering how long chapter 7 was they had plenty of time during that chapter to tell us more about Lucas and Claus' relationship I mean that chapter makes up the majority of the game but they don't tell us about Lucas and Claus' relationship at all, like I said they decided focusing on pulling needles was top priority over everything else including actually telling us about Lucas and Claus' relationship so there would be an actual reason to care when the final battle happened and for those who say Itoi leaves you to fill in the blanks yourself, that's like an author of a book getting it published and expecting the consumers to write the story for them, there's ambiguity and then there's being too lazy to write the story yourself, which brings me back to my point much earlier above, it feels like Itoi was too lazy to actually put effort to writing those parts himself, telling the consumers to write about Lucas and Claus' past relationship to give reason to care about is cheating. Not to mention I've seen dropped cutscenes that show flashbacks of Lucas and Claus' relationship, I've read a comment on Earthbound Central saying they're glad they were dropped and would have broken up the pace, but I strongly disagree, cutting those scenes from the game was detrimental in giving people a reason to care about Lucas and Claus when the final battle happened, it pretty much shot any kind of emotion that part of the story could have had in the face, they didn't have to have them happen throughout the final battle, they could have edited and repurposed them for other parts of the game and shown them in places like in chapter 7 so we would have more background and reason to care about Lucas and Claus when the final battle happened. Like I said I couldn't cry at the final battle between the two brothers because I couldn't care, and like I said why should I? The game didn't really give me reason to care about them.

To be honest the only reason I can get through Mother 3 is because it's not dated to the point of being unplayable like the first Mother on the NES, but story-wise Mother 3 is my least favorite, I even prefer the first Mother game's story over it considering even though there are serious moments it's not all gloom and doom throughout the game as much as Mother 3 is and even it's emotional moments are subtle and nowhere near as depressing and heavy-handed as Mother 3's and it at least doesn't end witn the main character losing nearly everything he cares about at the end, and the game even hd an extend happy ending in the planned U.S. release that eventually became canon.

It's just a shame since Mother 1's on the NES it's datedness makes it almost unplayable, as I like it's story and 8-bit and vocal music more than Mother 3's. Earthbound is my favorite in the series because it's story doesn't try to be as serious as Mother 3 and doesn't have constant times where it tries too hard to tug at your heartstrings to the poin where it gets old and starts to feel like they're trying too hard to be sad and failing, I mean the comedic moments feel natural because there's hardly anything tragic on the level of Mother 3 happening in the game making both the seriousness and comedy seem akward and not feeling like they belong in the same game, and because it doesn't take itself that seriously it doesn't suffer from those amateurish storytelling mistakes that Mother 3 makes when it tries to be serious because the focus is on being an unconventional comedic rpg, and even though some of Earthbound is dated in the gameplay department, it's not dated to the point of being unplayable like Mother 1 and even still has stuff to balance out the datedness and has a few things that even make modern RPGs look bad like the insta-win, which to me is something I wish more RPGs even in the modern era would do, giving the experience fron low-level enemies without having to fight pointless battles that waste time, closets thing there is is a badge in Paper Mario, so there are still a few things Earthbound does that make it better than even some modern RPGs do, I don't think anyone would argue that more RPGs should have followed doing the insta-win. But yeah Earthbound is my favorite in the series because as I said unlike Mother 1 it's not dated to the point of being unplayable, and it doesn't have the issues I have and dislike with Mother 3's story, a lot of people say they really like Mother 3's story claiming how it's a masterpiece of storytelling, but I really don't care for Mother 3's story and can see how badly some of the mistakes in the story are to the point where it's amateurish in some of it's storytelling and in extermely bad way despite coming from a essayist who should know better.
commandravage Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2015  Student Artist
the only game that I have even heard of on that list is KH
toonbro13 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2015
u do realize katamari damacy isnt ment to be taken seriously right?
Bluedragon48 Featured By Owner May 8, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
5. Skullgirls  is a fun game to played, but I wasn't too big on the story mode at the end.

4. I didn't think that game was that fun when I try it.

3. Never play Chibi-Robo before.

2. I love Kingdom Hearts II way more than the first one.

1. I didn't liked Mother 3 all that much.
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