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A Different Path by AMX-269 A Different Path by AMX-269
I was playing The Path again, and as I was, I suddenly got to thinking: what if the girls encountered a wolf that was not their own?

And thus...I spent all day making these.

First of all, Robin and Ginger seem like they would get along really well. Robin likes to play games with running, jumping, and riding, and Ginger's a tomboy who likes to romp in the woods, make things explode, and make crop circles. I can see Robin having fun with the Girl in Red Wolf and Ginger facing off against the Werewolf.

In my opinion, Rose seems to want to be just like Scarlet. She seems to be the most "mature" of the three youngest siblings (or at least tries to be), and even expresses a desire to learn how to play the piano...the same exact instrument Scarlet plays. Also, Rose is clearly attached to nature, so she would definitely be attracted to the Fey Wolf. Scarlet, meanwhile, claims to hate nature and the more leisurely activities, but is probably a closet dreamer who secretly desires to be taken away from all her responsibilities. Hence, the Cloud Wolf helps to release her from the world.

Finally, Ruby and Carmen seem to me like they would get along. In the apartment, Ruby is seen reading something, I'm guessing a magazine, while Carmen is trying on a hat, which implies that they're both interested in fashion. Another similarity between the two is that they're both presumably taken advantage of by their wolves in the guise of men. So, to me, it wouldn't make much of a difference if Ruby chose to drink beer with the Woodsman Wolf or if Carmen chose to smoke with the Charming Wolf.

The Path (c) Tale of Tales

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SarnaNaKiju Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2012
nice way of thinking :)
AMX-269 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2012   Writer
Glad you like it.

Thanks for commenting.
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January 7, 2012
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