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8 by AMX-269 8 by AMX-269
Ever since I got into The Path, I've been looking at the other projects Tale of Tales have created. During my search, I discovered the (sadly unfinished) "precursor" to The Path: 8. Here's the official website: [link]

Once, there was a young princess named Talia, who was cursed to die in her teens by a Wicked Fairy when she was born. However, the seven other fairies present at the princess' birth are able to lessen the curse so that Talia and the castle's inhabitants will only fall asleep for 100 years. On her sixteenth birthday, Talia pricks her finger and falls into a deep sleep along with the rest of the castle; vines grew around the castle to protect it. However, eight princes (with magic from the Wicked Fairy) made it into the castle, failing to lift the curse and losing their lives. As a result, the curse is warped; 100 years pass, but the curse is not lifted. Then, one day, a Deaf-Mute Girl in a Pretty White Dress finds herself magically transported to the castle. In the end, the ninth person to enter the lifeless castle might be the one to make things right.

Auriea and Michael, if you're reading this, I plead with you: please finish making this game. I will gladly pay any amount to get my hands on it.

EDIT: I've since learned that Tale of Tales has started work on 8 again! Happy day!

Also, that one silhouette with the flowers for eyes? That came from a picture of what I thought was one of the princes, Talia's brother. But it was actually a mannequin wearing a dress for Talia. Whoops. ^^; Let's just say it's Talia's brother transformed into a doll, shall we?

8 (c) Tale of Tales

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February 29, 2012
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