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2009 Art Summary-Revised by AMX-269 2009 Art Summary-Revised by AMX-269
I decided to revise this piece after a reviewer pointed out that technically, pieces like "Mr. Krabs Lost His Legs..." and my Sailor Senshi pictures weren't my art. So...let's try this again, shall we?

January: I kept this one up, because it was made up of words from my journals. And I, for one, consider writing an art form. :nod:

February: This was around the time when I first discovered Homestar Runner. For some reason, I can't help but love the oddball that is Coach Z. :D

March: Other than "Mr. Krabs Lost His Legs..." (which I decided to take down, since it's a screenshot), I didn't draw anything in March. :shrug:

April: I have to admit, this pic has a certain charm to it. Also, my first drawing of Artist's best friend, Salvadore Beritoli. :)

May: I was busy with =DracheaRannak's "Sailor Earth/Sun" contest around this time, so I didn't actually draw anything. At least =DracheaRannak liked my entries. ^_^

June: The book cover I made for a fanfic my friend `YukiMizuno made. I think it looks appropriate for a story about a bunch of psychics. ;)

July: Another book cover, this time for one of my fanfics. I'd say this piece contains the best drawings I've done of my 3 OCs from the story. :lol:

August: I did nothing during August. I was either really busy, or really lazy. Probably the second one. ^^;

September: Nothing in September, either. My creative drive must have been lacking during this period. :hmm:

October: Well, in my Kingdom of Earth story, there's a chapter that takes place in Halloween Town (you know, from "The Nightmare Before Christmas"). So, I thought, 'Why not?' :pumpkin:

November: The entry I made for #The3EdsClub's Ed Edd n Eddy Crossover Contest. I didn't win anything, but...I still like it. :thanks:

December: The one big drawing I did during December. Nothing says "true friendship" like a cynical psychic allowing his best friend into his personal (and colorful) bubble. :hug:

And...there you go. Now it's a true art meme.
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January 5, 2010
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