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1001 Animations-Sket Dance by AMX-269 1001 Animations-Sket Dance by AMX-269
Is it cheating if I'm recommending an entire anime/manga? 

If "Wander Over Yonder" is the definitive Western show for preaching "it never hurts to help," this show is the Eastern equivalent. While there's probably no anime out there that could ever be considered truly "normal," it's clear just by looking at the main characters that this series doesn't take itself too seriously. Bossun is a typical Shonen protagonist (a little dumb, but ultimately kind and determined) who can invoke periods of deep concentration by putting on his goggles. Himeko is an ex-tough girl who likes weird-flavored lollipops. Switch rarely changes his facial expressions, and communicates through a synthesized speech computer program. And that's not even getting into some of the other students at their school...

However, once you get past the goofiness and over-the-top antics of these characters, this series actually has a lot of heart. The Sket Dan never turn down a request for help, no matter who it's from, and always try their best to see it through, regardless of what happens along the way. Furthermore, just by being friendly and willing to help, the Sket Dan is able to touch so many lives and help people change for the positive. Even when we find out more about the titular trio's pasts, leading up to when they first became a team, there's always the underlying theme of never giving up on someone, and not simply defining someone by their past actions or how they appear on the surface.

Yeah, there are plenty of great anime shows out there with a lot of action or deep stories. However, if you're just looking for a series that makes you feel good, I definitely recommend Sket Dance. I dare you to get through the whole series without feeling compassion for at least one character.

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September 18, 2016
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