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1001 Animations-Billion Dollar Boy by AMX-269 1001 Animations-Billion Dollar Boy by AMX-269
If "Men At Work" is my favorite half-hour Jimmy Neutron episode, this is my favorite fifteen-minute episode. Yeah, "The Fairly OddParents" had the snobby rich kid character first, but in the end, Eustace Strych is just a character you love to hate. And at first, it is kind of understandable why none of the other kids really hate him. Yes, he's clearly antagonizing Jimmy, but that's really not much different than what his friends do sometimes (which makes you wonder why Jimmy's friends with them in the first place, but that's another story). And besides, Eustace gives them free stuff! That's cool, right? However, the other kids do sort of redeem themselves by going back to Jimmy once they realize how petty and sadistic Eustace really is. And even better, Eustace actually gets some comeuppance, and from his own father to boot!

That brings me to the other part I like about this episode: Hugh's subplot with Mr. Strych. I actually disagree with people who lump Hugh Neutron in with other "idiot dad" stereotypes. Yeah, he's not exactly as bright as his son, but he's not completely brainless either. He has a legitimate job, he decided that investing his money in his wife's wedding ring was more important, and he tried to give Jimmy relevant advice about being a hall monitor. Also, I'm pretty sure he never flooded his own house with a monkey wrench, so there's that. Hugh's competence does shine through here, too; he is, after all, the person who teaches Mr. Strych how to set limits on Eustace.

And I will admit, the whole scene of the two drinking Flurp is hilarious.

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