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Idun Protector prompt 1



This is another of my characters that I haven't really shown yet, they're from the world of reos arpg group, and at the moment the group is hosting an event with some awesome prizes. Its a storyline event where you draw your reosean doing a certain prompt and then once you finish the entire storyline you have a chance at getting those prizes!

here are the event and group:… and…


Your Reosean is shocked to find out that Nemesis actually has a good chunk of followers amongst Reoskind. It saddens your Reosean to know that there is someone just like them out there who would help spread Nemesis evil. 

Whilst they are not one to want to speak to the Elder or dig around in a hole for an artifact that may or may not exist, they are certain that their help is just as important and needed elsewhere. 

They return to their continent's capital to help prevent Nemesis followers from taking foot in their homeland. 

Depict your Reosean investigating the city for signs of Nemesis followers be it by roaming the streets at night to look for suspicious activity, scoping out suspicious individuals in the city streets who they suspect of being followers of Nemesis, or mayhaps they seek to infiltrate Nemesis followers and sabotage their plans from the inside..

added a little story to go along with it^^

Although Idun mostly avoided the cities of Warrenfall for their overly crowded nature, she couldn't help that she needed to do something to help reos-kind with this "Nemesis". She had visited the scholary just days before, and in light of the information of a loose magic-sucking puller quickly gaining power, she quickly ran back home to warn her friends and pack. It wasn't her intention to stay in Warrenfall though, she had wanted to go after Nemesis herself, willing to pay any sacrifice to protect her loved ones. But that silly Andor had known just what to say to make her stay here, said she could do much better good here than going out there and risking her life. He was over-protective if you asked her, although, in a kinda cute way. 

she snorted.

She had left just as the moon settled, to prowl the streets for any suspicious vayrons that might be under the command of Nemesis, but there was no luck. She not only failed to find vayrons, but humans as well. Even in such a denselt populated area. 

Idun turned down the unkempt alleyway, keeping her ears pricked and eyes sharp for any dashing shadows...nothing

she kept going for the rest of the night, and just as a sliver of the sun peacked above the roofs of the homes, she felt a chill crawl down her back. Wary and tired, she didn't pay it much notice, though it felt like it had pierced her pelt and sunken into her bones. She decided that it was time to regroup with her faimly, and try out some new strategies for finding the enemies of their species.

After a much needed rest, and some intense scolding from Andor, Idun sat with a frown on her face, how were these reoseans escaping notice so easily. If the scholary were right, the city should be crawling with them. She waited for a while, thinking of all the ways a vayron could sneak in and out of Warrenfall unnoticed, but, after failing to find anything in these places last night, she thought that maybe going to someone with more knowledge of the city then her, and of what these vayrons looked like would help speed her up on how to catch them and defeat the followers of Nemesis.

to be continued? maybe? we'll see 
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oooo he looks so cool I love the dark lighting and textures in this!