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They're here, come see!

I can just imagine Toothless going back to get Stormfly for Astrid (for the end of the movie) since he's the fastest and boy are they excited :heart:

honestly this could work for when the night lights hatch, he would probably show his best friend his new babies

this series means so much to me so i put a lot of love into this one
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Beautiful! I love this!

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I love everything in here, all the small details mmmmm
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Absolutely gd inspirational - I'm always astounded at the quality of your highly rendered work, it always blows my mind!
Can I ask you how long you've been practicing art? Who do you take inspiration from? Is there a book that you use? Did it take long to make this particular piece? Bro I'm super impressed. I love your lighting and shading, they're so accurate and crisp looking especially around the edges. I can't even imagine how you've made Toothless and Stormfly stand out from the background so well. I hope to get as good as this one day but it looks unforeseeable compared to this. Nice work man, Keep it up!
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I've been drawing since before grade school, but a majority of my improvement was more recent,  within the last 10 years- you can make the most progress by looking at reference and watching tutorials there's no shame in it! People can improve vastly in just 5 years

My favorite way to practice values and understand lighting is by cutting a photo in half and then trying to replicate the half you cut off (so they'd be side by side, and you'd be painting the other half-- works best with symmetrical pictures like fruit and stuff) examples- this Lightfury i did, or this one, i had a hard time googling it---…

I started this at the beginning of the month but i did most of it on the night it was due 😂 like, 90% of the background and toothless in 30 hours

Thank you so much
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Wow, this is so beautiful.
the dragons are Made so realistic.
and the background is just stunning.
I can see you’ve put a lot of efford in it.
*fangirling intensifies* (chat icon) 
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Thanks so much <3
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Stunning! I  what you do with the colours!
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Thank you :) <3
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Absolutely amazing I think though you could have popped a couple dragons with colors in the background but it's beautiful all the same
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Thank you! I was really workin on crunch time 😂
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this is beautiful. 
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Thank you!! <3
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You're welcome ^^ 
good luck!
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