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now that that's over, congrats and thankyou so much for everyone who entered i love all your wallpapers, and i hope no one's disappointed because i tried really hard ^_^; but i can't make everyone win a prize.  :heart:  i'm sure i'll have more contests later :heart:


if you won a prize, here's what you should do-

if you won a journal feature, you can note me and link to a picture and i'll feature it in my next journal
if you won a art request, note me and tell me what you want me to draw.
if you decide you want a print request, note me with your address and a link to a picture in my gallery and i'll send you the print :heart:

thankyou again!  i have to go to dinner now  :P


and finally....

grand prize

LIFE by sha-rona by sha-rona

one of my friends pointed this one out to me as a potential winner, and this picture, the more i looked at it, the more amazing it was.   you HAVE to download it to see the fullview.  the details and brushes and designs are so amazing :heart: the words and the dragon fit the walllpaper so well.  congrats to sha-rona and everyone else for a fantastic contest. :heart:  

1st place

by taleism

this picture almost won the grand prize and viewer's choice too!  it's so simple but striking, i  love the designs, and the boxes are really well done.  everything fits really well in this picture, and i'm really happy to give it 1st place. :heart:  

the grand prize winner is next :D

2nd place - tie

:thumb72320545: by SpawnOfHell Just close your eyes... by Lumiec by Lumiec

this is another tie... i just couldn't decide between these two :heart:  spawnofhell's has really beautiful brushwork and is so pretty and soft to look at overall, lumiec's is really really pretty too with wonderful designs and both used text really well. :heart:  

viewer's choice - tie

Moon Wallpaper: Amuria Contest by CrackedClockwork by CrackedClockwork :thumb72284207: by FL1PZ

everyone who watched the viewer's choice i think saw that the voting was SO close @_@  the winner was only 2 ahead!  so i decided to just give both of the entries the award :heart:  they are so different and awesome.  these entries had also won other awards too but bc they won viewer's choice, then they could only win one :heart:

before the big prizes, i'm going to announce the honorable mentions. :heart:  these were entries that really stood out to me but i could find a way to fit them into categories, but i really wanted everyone to see them too!  so here there are :heart:

honorable mentions

Loyal by aznelf Amuria Seasons Wallpaper 2 by ekormekolindo wallpaper contest 2 by kiraga-neko Dragon by Valynia :thumb72048125: Amuria Contest Submission 3 by cloudsofsand :thumb72041805: Opposite BG by Bayleef- zodiac wallpaper by luirhys :thumb77316501:

congrats to all the winners so far :heart:

best lost reflection

Amuria Contest Submission 1 by cloudsofsand by cloudsofsand

this was also a viewer's choice finalist :heart:  i got so many lost reflection entries that were really awesome, but this one just stood out.

best zodiac

Year of the Dragon Wallpaper by TheMorningMist Year of the Ram Wallpaper by TheMorningMist Year of the Monkey Wallpaper by TheMorningMist Year of the Dog Wallpaper by TheMorningMist Year of the Snake Wallpaper by TheMorningMist by TheMorningMist

i loved this take on the zodiac girls :heart:  it's simple but looks really nice.  i hope she does wps for the rest of them as i draw them too. :heart:

best fallen snow angel

Wallpaper: Fallen Snow Angel by xBloodRedRainx by xBloodRedRainx

the more i looked at this the more i liked it. :heart:  beautiful words and designs. ^_^

best fallen snow angel runner up

:thumb72074326: by Aussei

i loved the use of colors and effects in this one. :heart:

best misuzu

Felt by aznelf by aznelf

light and pretty, i love the quote. :heart:  

best design

Amuria Contest  Hinata by Markomann by Markomann

a simple but detailed wallpaper, i love the designs in the back and it looks like she's being swallowed up by darkness.

best design runnerup

Pieces of my Heart by SyAnIa by SyAnIa

this was a hard choice between her other wallpaper, but this ones so cute :heart: it looks like an mp3 skin ^_^

hi :heart:  finally the moment of truth ^_^ i'm going to be announcing the winners in this journal, one by one.  i added a LOT of prizes, so i'm going to repost what the prize list is.

grand prize - full cg picture request
1st place - quick cg picture request
2nd place - color sketch request

best lost reflection - sketch or print request
best design - sketch or print request
-best design runnerup - journal feature
best zodiac- sketch or print request
best fallen snow angel - sketch or print request
-best fallen snow angel runner up - journal feature
best misuzu - sketch or print request

honorable mentions - journal feature
viewer's choice - quick cg picture request

:heart:  the categories are kind of random but they're based on what prizes i wanted to give out. :heart:

before i start announcing, i just want to say that everyone who entered should be a winner and i wish i could give everyone prizes. w@  i hope you had fun doing the contest still and made friends and saw lots of really awesome wallpapers. :heart:

i'm going to get started really soon :)


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