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{IRL Austria Tales} The Necessary Corrections

What is Austria Tales?
I come from Canada and recently married HoxieRedhoof. (Just Married/I am now wife! Pictures as promised!)
He is from Austria and we decided that it was the best financial decision for me to move overseas to Austira. This is a small diary or mini series of sorts, from my perspective as a person who's moving to the other half of the world. It's a whole new culture, language and a world I've never really experienced since 99% of my life was in Vancouver/Abbotsford. The stories are real and these are my real thoughts and feelings.
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Feel free to correct my stupid if you spot any errors. I'm still very beginner beginner level so I'm obviously not gonna spot them. 

My German is a "bit" more complex than what I wrote but I wanted to keep it simple and clean to read without needing to translate everything. These particular corrections did happen and yes they can get very frustrating very quickly. 
The way I memorize words makes things like chicken and cake and other words like this VERY difficult to tell apart. I know it's just like English, basically words that rhyme or sound the same. But the big killer for me is if the starting letter and general sound of the word is very close. Oh lawdy don't even get me started on tense corrections. I'd officially given up and decided to increase my vocab and worry about the grammar a bit later. m

I actually used to poke at markus a bit about correcting him but now I understand what it's like being on the receiving end of that. 
Maybe I'm just a sensitive butt. But I can't deny, when every sentence you speak gets corrected it can get very VERY ANNOYYINGGG.
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Natural language are hard.
It may be more polite, but did Wayne Newton ever do a song called "Vielen Dank"?
tigreanpony's avatar
That was hilarious.
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Ponies eating chicken? :v
firecharge44371's avatar
What? Are you...Chicken?
FreakRay's avatar
No, it's just ponies are vegetarians.
firecharge44371's avatar
Equines in real life can eat meat
xanni-au's avatar
Not always.  They have been known to eat meat, including birds.
FreakRay's avatar
Well you learn sometHINg NeW EVeRYDaY
The last panel is my faaaave, not because of your frustration but I mean, comic gold. I love the grumpy scrunch :D And I'd be like, "Maybe I WAS ordering cake!" Totally love the expressions and how you draw your ponysona's tail. Most importantly, super glad to see that you're well on your way on your new adventure. These are just the little growing pains.
Amura-Of-Jupiter's avatar
Lol my favorite is the one above that. Just a bit more subtle contempt XD
Ahh thankyou though ^^ I love going nuts with the expressions so I'm really glad to hear it worked XD
CordraconisStudios's avatar
Well... a typical way of ordering chicken in Austrian would be "Hendl" or "Henderl" ;-P
Amura-Of-Jupiter's avatar
and then you also have 

Chicken (the animal)
Chicken (the food)
Baby Chick 
Male/Female distinctions 
baaahhhh XD
CordraconisStudios's avatar
Yeah, that's were things can get confusing XD

"Huhn" (or its belittlement form "Hühnchen"), which is both used for the animal and the food
"Küken" for baby chicken.
Rooster and Hen are "Hahn" and "Henne" respectively :-)

But don't give up, you can do it ;-)
Pikachumaster's avatar
Danke dir doesn't sound to be more polite than Dankeschön in my opinion xD 
Chicken Cake is my new favourite Cake! haha
Amura-Of-Jupiter's avatar
Yeah fixed that already ^^:
Vielen Dank is what was suggested. 
Pikachumaster's avatar
ahh then I said nothing xD
Amura-Of-Jupiter's avatar
shhhh it never happened :shifty: 
Pikachumaster's avatar
But I know how annoying it can be if everyone correct you, I'm just like shut your mouth already >w>
Amura-Of-Jupiter's avatar
God it's such a difficult thing because most of the time people are trying to be NICE, trying to help you.
And then you just want to say shaddup I know I SUCK AT DEUTSCH :stare::stare::stare: I appreciate it but STAHP

And then you remember you kind of NEED the corrections to get better so you try to tolerate it best you can. It gets even better when people correct your 3 year old sentence structure (die hund frisst die vogel) with a complicated one that is so out there from what you've been taught it just comes out as white noise. 
Pikachumaster's avatar
I understand you, German isn't easy, heck I w as born in Germany and I even still need to learn so much!
But you will get better if you try c: I mean a few weeks a go someone talked to me arabic and I was like ??? Dude try to learn German??
Der Hund frisst den Vogel would be the right sentence structure, the German articles are a big stone right in your way, in english it would be much easier because "the" but noo someone was like "I'm bored let's do more!" XD
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