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{IRL Austria Tales} Similar Faces Similar Sounds

What is Austria Tales?
I come from Canada and recently married HoxieRedhoof. (Just Married/I am now wife! Pictures as promised!)
He is from Austria and we decided that it was the best financial decision for me to move overseas to Austira. This is a small diary or mini series of sorts, from my perspective as a person who's moving to the other half of the world. It's a whole new culture, language and a world I've never really experienced since 99% of my life was in Vancouver/Abbotsford. The stories are real and these are my real thoughts and feelings.
Click here to see all of the Austria Adventures Series 

Only recently had it dawned on me just how much the blue tit, great tit, tufted tit ect. all not only look like chickadees but they sound SO similar I get disoriented :stare:
I'll hear a chickadee and think it's coming from my computer or something or even better when I first wake up and I suddenly think i'm in Canada again. 
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Ah :)
Wir hatten mal eine Kohlmeise als Haustier :)
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Ahhh Meisen are such cute little birds ;w;
I'm from Germany so hello my new neighbour! cx
can't wait to see more of your tales, hope you enjoy Austria and maybe visit Germany someday! <3