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IRL-Austria-Tales - Learning To Love The Language

What is Austria Tales?
I come from Canada and recently married HoxieRedhoof. (Just Married/I am now wife! Pictures as promised!)
He is from Austria and we decided that it was the best financial decision for me to move overseas to Austira. This is a small diary or mini series of sorts, from my perspective as a person who's moving to the other half of the world. It's a whole new culture, language and a world I've never really experienced since 99% of my life was in Vancouver/Abbotsford. The stories are real and these are my real thoughts and feelings.
Click here to see all of the Austria Adventures Series 

Yeah sometimes I have to go to the store alone here. For the most part I'm calm but it still feels VERY alien when walking around. Just things that don't exist at home or the fact that I can barely read any signs ect ect. I admit it's been a little stressful whenever out in public because of this. Especially with all the social differences.

Obviously Raindew's speech is imperfect and grammatically iffy. Hell I misspelled one or two words to drive that home further. I had all the other ones checked to make sure. 

Hoxie Redhoof-Main Ref©Amura-Of-Jupiter&HoxieRedhoof  
Raindew Reference Sheet©Amura-Of-Jupiter

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Looking back at this jesus I've improved so much already :stare:
The skill difference is insane
Uher0's avatar
I definitely knows that is really tired occurrence, but It's too cute..ㅠㅠ
In my case the hardest thing is fear for misleading when doing foreign language.
Amura-Of-Jupiter's avatar
I'm quite sure most people can pick up if you're new to the language. 
Thus they'd know an error like that wouldn't be taken so harshly, if not a correction ;P
firecharge44371's avatar
What was the correction?
firecharge44371's avatar
what did you change now? curious 
Amura-Of-Jupiter's avatar
I forgot to add some things to the meta data/ my digimark :P
RollsRocker's avatar
Awww, this is so damn cute ^_^
Dont worry too much about German though ) I guess that like with most languages, it also comes with experience ))
And from my personal one, this ain't the worst XD The worst part is when you DO know the language, but locals get cocky and say they don't understand you because you have a weird accent :( *mumbles* Paris my ***.....
Amura-Of-Jupiter's avatar
Bleh I hear the French are pretty bad for that XP
Not many people were jerks to me about it in Austria outside of being dicks and not translating for me
RollsRocker's avatar
Yeah, hehehe XD 
Oh, I see ^^ Was it because they didn't speak your tongue or such ? ^^ Or they just plain refused not to speak to you in your tongue, because it would be shameful for them ? 
Amura-Of-Jupiter's avatar
Naw they could speak English well. One of them was just... Special
RollsRocker's avatar
Aaaaah, man, Europe is so full of special people in those "cool" countries ^^ XD
If you're trying to learn German, Deutsche Welle has some great programs that they put out for learning, including a slow spoken German news podcast. Also, if there's ever a book you get as a grammar reference guide, I would recommend "A Practice of German Grammar: Die neue Gelbe (New Edition)" by Dreyer and Schmitt. It's the textbook that I reference a lot in my upper level German university courses. (Note: it is by no means a comprehensive way to learn German, but if you ever find yourself struggling with grammar, it is an excellent resource)

Additionally there is -- a subreddit where people go to learn, and ask questions about, the German language. I know of more resources, but don't really have the time to list them all here.
Maverickwolfzx's avatar
Me try write in any page of MLP
FralLeman's avatar
Ever try getting a translation phone app?
Amura-Of-Jupiter's avatar
I do have one. I've used it a few times but I try to only use it as a last resort, especially since translators have a bad habit of being really incorrect
FralLeman's avatar
Damn you auto correct! YOU KNOW NOT WHAT I SAY!Rebel-emote 
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Das ist echt süß. :) Basiert das auf eigenen Erlebnissen?

Es ist nicht echt einfach, wenn man wo wohnt und die Sprache nicht spricht, aber zum Glück sind die meisten Leute doch recht nett, wenn sie das merken.
schneelocke's avatar
Es ist nicht echt einfach

*echt nicht

Amura-Of-Jupiter's avatar
(entschuldigung grammatik ist schlecht. Ist wirklich gebrochen :stare:)
Ja, realen Ereignissen. Ferien. :P
Viele schön gewesen. Aber nicht alles. Ich in einer kleinen Stadt ....
etwas nicht so nett...

Danke schoen~
schneelocke's avatar
Bitte. ^^

Freut mich auch, daß deine Ferien schön waren!
I know just enough about German that I can figure out what most of the individual words mean based on the translations.

Which, by the way, means I know almost nothing about German.
Amura-Of-Jupiter's avatar
lol you're pretty much at the same level as I am
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