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DexBloss Next Gen - Who Do VooDoo? She Do

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Dammit, this is the best picture I could get of this. I am not happy with it. :grump:
So, this is sort of DexBloss next gen? But I imagine Blossom as a genderbent/ftm. I call him Blaise.
Terrance “Terry” is actually the oldest, at age 17. He’s the responsible worry wart. He tries to keep his sisters (mainly Winny) in line and behave, but his timid nature makes it hard for him to be taken seriously. He’s the overly protective mother friend, who frets over everyone and panics over the little things. He’s a rule abiding nervous wreck. And Winny is 95% of the reason why he’s so stressed all the time. Naturally, he likes cleanliness and order (he probably gets that from his Grandmother on Dexter’s side). Also naturally, he’s a teachers pet. He’s a complete pushover, not wanting any trouble so preferring not to get into any squabbles.
Though they put a lot of stress on him (and probably take a few years off of his life every time they do something dangerous or stupid), Terry loves his sisters dearly and is very protective of them. One of them is a clumsy ditz who is constantly doing something dangerous, and the other is a “delicate flower” who knows nothing of the dangers and grime of the world. He has to protect them. Who will if he doesn’t? Now, if only Winny could get on board with listening to his suggestions and worries, then he could finally calm down.... Abby, on the other hand, is a little angel. Terry wouldn’t say he picks favorites out loud... however, he definitely prefers the sweetheart with manners over the hyper occultist.
Outside of organization/cleaning, and looking after his siblings, Terry enjoys games that stimulate his brain and make him think. 3d puzzles, sudoku, crosswords, Go, chess, amongst other games. It comes as no surprise that his favorite genre of book or movie is Mystery. What does come as a surprise is his strength. Terry is extremely strong. Though most people believe he has inherited his strength from his mother, there are some (such as Winny) who think he’s strong from all those books and cleaning supplies he’s constantly carrying around with him.
Although they’re messy, and loud, and constantly at risk due to doing something stupid and dangerous, Terry actually likes children - and is really good with them. He babysits for his neighbors, and friends of his neighbors. In fact, Terry wants to be a Kindergarten or Preschool teacher when he’s older.

The middle child is Winona “Winny” at age 15. She loves to poke fun at her brothers height (even without her lifts she towers over him, she's a tall girl). She’s a hyper girl (and due to her hobbies, she’s seen as extremely eccentric and weird by her peers), she’s full of energy and life (ironic since she practically worships the dead). I meant to make her look goth, but it didn't come out quite right :hmm:. Winny’s hair isn’t like that naturally, well, the curls are natural, but she straightens it halfway so they’re just curly at the ends. When she doesn’t straighten her hair, she has a thick afro. Winny hates her hair, and wants to dye it, but her parents won’t let her. Besides, she doesn’t even know what color she wants. Ooo, maybe she’ll dye it rainbow!
Winny loves witchcraft and is fascinated by the occult. She’s always up for a seance, an attempted summoning, voodoo, or using the ouija board. Her favorite thing to do is go out with friends to a “haunted” or spooky/abandoned area, and see if they can contact the underworld or a soul trapped there. It isn’t just simple curiosity for Winny, she’s full on dedicated and in love with the subject. Getting starry eyed and ready to talk for hours about the topic. She’s a fangirl for this stuff.
Winny is... well, she’s a cute cluts. A clumsy ditz. She manages to trip over flat land. Although she does laugh at herself, seemingly too bubbly and airheaded to understand what humiliation or embarrassment are. Mix her airheaded cutesiness with her love of the occult, it usually leads to her thinking something incredibly dangerous and terrifying is adorable - and wanting to hug it like it’s a puppy. She fails to see danger in most situations, and doesn’t really care about the penalties that could happen for doing something. If it sounds fun, she’s going to do it. Which causes Terry to have a panic attack, but she fails to see that and thinks his reactions are funny and he’s just being goofy. To put it in anime terms, she’s a bakadere.
And yes, even if that voodoo doll DOES work, she is going to give it to her little sister. Abby asked so nicely, how can Winny say no to her? She can’t. She loves her baby sister, and never says no to her.

And the “delicate flower” herself, Abigail “Abby.” Abby is only 6 years old (6 and a half!), and tends to fade into the background compared to her siblings (personality wise). She’s a sweet little girl who follows basic manners. Well, there really isn’t much going on with this little girl. Even Abby herself admits that she doesn’t hold a candle to her older siblings, or her peers. She doesn’t think there’s anything interesting about herself to list.
She doesn’t like sports because people say mean things at her and she’s always picked last for teams, she likes arts n crafts because she gets to make something pretty - and if it’s a picture her parents would put it on the fridge, she likes the swings, she likes butterflies, she likes playing with building blox and making sand castles, she likes watching cartoons and Blue’s Clues, and she likes playing and having sleepovers with her cousin Thorn.
When it comes to personal favorites, Abby seems to be extremely indecisive (which is why her outfit is a bit... all over the place). She just can’t pick a favorite, because she sees the Pros and Cons in everything, and doesn’t want other things to feel bad. She likes all the seasons. Winter has snowmen and sledding, Autumn has apple picking and hayrides, Spring has butterflies and flowers, and Summer is like Spring but hotter so she can go play in the water without getting cold. She likes all the colors, including the black-gray-white shades, because she thinks anyone can make a pretty picture with any color they want. She can’t pick a favorite toy, what if they have feelings and one of them gets hurt that she doesn’t like them as much as the other. She likes a lot of food, made correctly anything can taste yummy. She loves all flowers, because they’re all pretty in their own way. She doesn’t have a best friend. She has friends! But... well, they always have someone else they consider a best friend. She’s never someones best friend, she’s a best friend, just not thee best friend. She’s okay with it, really... it just means she can have more friends without making anyone feel bad. You know, because never being the definitive best friend to someone you thought you were really close to can really hurt someones feelings....
Dexter’s Lab belongs to Genndy Tartakovsky
PowerPuff Girls belong to Craig McCracken
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Is Winny who look like her mother?
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