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Mirai Kuriyama

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Character  Mirai Kuriyama
I do fanart Mirai Kuriyama from Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary) guys!! La la la la 
But then I realized that I forgot Her glassess xD
btw hope you like it! Heart
see my previous art here
I will post every week and I hope you guys can help me to improve my art skill xD

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You're really talented!
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Really!? Thank youu!!


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I love the details of the face! soft but intense!
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Thank you omega!!

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heyoo im from :iconprojectcomment:

i love the pose in this piece and ur proportions are really good too! OOH 
The sketchy style I feel for this piece is really great and really gives the piece an alluring and foreboding effect
Though u may hve forgotten her glasses but i feel the effect wouldn't be as strong with it ^^ 
I also quite like the idea for the background that u were going for with hints of light Fool Emoji-12 (Yay) [V1] 

The complaint tht I would have is that's it's too rough (such as the bandages or the blood) that takes away the intensity of the piece a bit Bunny Emoji-86 (Sneaky) [V5] 
Also the character seems quite flat as I personally feel that the shadows aren't dark enough and the light sources not bright enough hence there is not a lot of contrast to bring out elements of the piece such as her eyes or the blood
Other notes are that her bandage is too clean and her hands don't exactly show where the blood is coming from and doesn't give the idea that it is "forming" 
Elements of the background can also be more clear to add more interest 
The lighting on the character can also be harsher especially from the white light 
And certain elements of the character (such as her sweater and hands) do not have the same depth as her hair removing some of the immersion of this piece as well 
And then (though it's just me u don't hve to change this part) her nostrils are a little to big and dont convey as much on the fact tht she's looking down a little

And that's it owo, hopefully u find my ramblings useful ;; n good luck on the journey to keep improving ur art XD Akari Akazaki (Good Job) [V3] 

if u want to u can comment on my art too i would also like some critiques if u want to give some ^^ 
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Aww thank you phioai!! It's really useful : )

Next time will be better ;);)

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Oof ur welcome ;;)b
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I like this, equal parts alluring & creepy.  
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Thanks a lot fousdell :) :)

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You're welcome
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Thank you justy!! And thanks for the watch : )

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You're very welcome ! ^u^
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