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Death, destruction, carnage, chaos, annihilation, desecration, intimidation, extortion, fear, genocide…what do these words all have in common? It’s quite simple really. They are all traits found within the human affinity of right and wrong. Affixed in the mind of each person, there are subtle hints of what is good and what is evil and more often than not, their subconscious finds it humorous to switch the two into a twisted fantasy. Betrayed and weakened by inaccurate views on the world and the people around them, an individual performs whatever task they are set out to do, to combat whatever “wrong” they may perceive. Every human, it does not matter who they are or what they’ve achieved in life, has been subjected to this reversal of ethics by their own minds. It is deceptive, it is weakness, and it is belief. Wars rage based on these beliefs, races and ethnicities are persecuted and drawn to the brink of extinction because of these codes and yet, what wrong had they actually committed?

However, within all these evils, these hatreds and destructive behaviors that humans possess; there is still a shred of good, of decency; an Angel among men. A beacon of hope and an exception to the traditional rules and regulations of light and dark. Here stands one, with no foreseeable evils, no impurities and no darkness within the given soul. Here stands one that could change the world, to forever guide those less fortunate souls.

And it’s you.
Something a friend wrote and gave me copyrights to.
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