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Sadden One

This is more or less an outfit that I want to try to have made for a Con. I use to rp as this character a long time now. I just simply love how her outfit looks. As well I was thinking of having the hair(wig) made with the ears as well as the pants maybe having the tail made onto the pants or the tail made to attack to the pants so that I can wear the pants out and about. Though I did not draw this at all. All rights goes to Kristin Eriksen.
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Thanks its not my art but was something I based my cosplay off from at on point
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I see thanks for answering my question!
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Heya Am. :3 Tis Skilver. Very cute piccy. ^^
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Hey Ski. Thank you I dressed up like her or close to it at MidSouthCon. I will have to hunt down my pics to add them. I have the tail and ears but not as fluffy.
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Sweet. I shall look forward to seeing~ Dun think I've heard of that con, lol.
^^ Cons are fun. Hehe.
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Its held in Memphis Tess. at the end of March/beginning of Apirl. [link] is the site where you can see the info and what nots.
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And that would be why I've never heard of it! XD
Around that time I'm too worried about being ready for the convention near my house to bother thinking about other cons. Teehe. :3
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hehe It was the first big Con I been to beside the one in New Orleans.
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Havnt been to a big con yet myself. I'd like to go to Ohayoucon but I dont have the transportation to drive the two hours to Columbus. XD
I go to a tiny one called ShinbokuCon every year, lol.
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Well if you are ever in Dallas in May look me up I am sure you would love to be at A-Kon. It has over 5000 I think that go to it.
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love the hat! :)
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