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didn't have a lot of time to work on this, i wish i could refine it more. it will be available at sakura con!!!
thank you guys for the continuous support <3 !!! 
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He's too hot to be a male
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Wow this is srsly beautiful!!!<3
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Wow, this is definitely one of the best Zelda fanarts which I have seen in years!
This is absolutely EPIC! The colors are great and Link looks so real in here.
Man I wish I was gifted with at least a tiny bit of your talent!
This is something you can be very proud of!
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I GOT ONE OF THESE AT SC! beautiful work!
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wow lost my words- just perfect!especially emotions and this mischievous sightRAINBOWMOTES PACK: In Love 
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This is amazing! It's like Link is calling the mask 'My Precious!'
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Awesome job on this!  :) 
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This is amazing. :love:
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You have an amazing talent good job! It is stunning!
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Alternate story: Link swipes the mask from Skull Kid during a fight in the initial encounter, and wears it. The mask preys upon the regrets he has, and resentment for his lot in life. Link has to now go on a spiritual journey essentially to rid himself of the mask's influence, that is trying to erode what's left of his childhood innocence
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GASP!! Omg! That's such an amazing twist!
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I would play the hell out of that game. Like, Majora's Mask can be taken off and worn, but it erodes his sanity each time it's used. Maybe there's like a meter or something, in which as your sanity drops, your powers get more awesome, but if it goes down completely, game over
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0.0 oooohhhhh! That's kinda sad! LMAOOOO! I'll be playing the hell out of it too- I know I will. I play the hell out of a lot of awesome games.
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This is so awesome Love 
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Oh noes! He will go mad Hold me... I'm scared. 
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Stunning work!
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He looks like a girl.
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This is perfect. You're perfect. In love. * A*/<3
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It is awesome. Just wish the 3DS screen were as big as your art !! :D
AzureKate's avatar I cant
im dying
I want this as a poster
a big one
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Oh wow, I love your painting style in this piece! <3 The muted colors you gave this gives it a dark feel without putting too much contrast, at least to me :D
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