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Ratha Doodle

I recently began reading Ratha's Creature by Clare Bell (~rathacat) and I;m really enjoying the writing and the story. Ratha is convincingly feline, but still "human" enough to relate with. I was feeling some fan-art, but I'm not up to coloring something. So I did something simple.

I might color this one day... so if anyone has any critiques/red lines if they wanna.

Art © *Amritha 2011.
Ratha © Clare Bell.
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I like this image. Especially the style and shading.
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I LOVE this scetch!!!!!!! I'm also thinking about starting to read the Ratha series!!!!
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Thank you!
I would definitely recommend them! The writing is excellent and the characters are easy to fall in love with. They are surprisingly easy to identify with, but at the same time very foreign - they are cats and you don't forget that like you might in some books. So they aren't too human, in spite of that.

If you get a chance, definitely pick up the first book! I picked up Ratha's Creature by chance at my local library, only vaguely remembering someone mentioning it a couple years before. I had already read series like Erin Hunter's Warriors saga and Tad Williams' Tailchaser's Song - so if you've read either of those, I bet you'll love Ratha!
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Cool! I've been looking for Ratha's Creature all over this morning....looking in 5 different bookstores......i'll see what I can do....probably find it in a library too!
Thanks for the advice!!!!!!
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I love her determined, fierce expression. Nicely done! My publisher and I are running a Ratha fan art contest on Facebook at [link] I am amazed at how talented Ratha readers are! Thanks!
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Thank you!
I'm hoping to create something nicer to enter into the contest. After reading a couple of the books I've started to re-invision Ratha a little... a little less bulky, maybe. I'm excited to draw her again!
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