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Wow.  I am scattered in a dozen different directions right now.

 1. My family is about to move (the last time I moved was more than 25 years ago).

 2. I'm trying to finish up a few tutorial ideas I have.

 3. I have been working on new art but I'm holding it until May.  It's nice to sit on it for a bit and go back and make a few final fixes before posting after I haven't looked at it for a while.  I think I should try to always do that in the future.  

(here's a peek at something )

 4. My art buddies SJ and outsidelogic and I have slowly started developing a new group :iconmutualsupportclub: and are figuring out how we're gonna make it useful.  

 5. I have what to me seems like a big backlog of web clients

 6. because I only get an occasional oasis of concentration while spending most of my time on child care with my IRL buddy, my daughter.

 7. My band is still practicing, playing out, slowly recording.

 8. Why am I spending time thinking up this list?  There are a lot more things, but really, the only salient point is that I'm looking forward to posting art again in May.  April kinda flew by.  

and oh by the way.  AMProLand, which I wanted to make my top priority, is apparently not my top priority since I've coded not a line of code for it.  Hopefully when things get settled in the new house I can give it top priority attention for real.  

Rather than pumping out more new art I'm going to try a few different things for the month of April.  

For one thing I'd like to do a bit of giving back.  I have some ideas for some tutorials and helpful graphics that I'd like to post up for people.  I've been helped out a lot by such things so I'd like to make some and see if I can be of some use to folks.  

For another thing I'd like to put in some time on AMProLand so that I can stop talking about it all in the past and possible tense and start talking about it in the present tense and link people over to it.  I think I might have enough raw material built up to get a good move on it and at least have something to show.   AMProGram 33 by AMProSoft

I might post up a few previews and some old art if I can't help myself.  I'll still be around a lot.  

I offered permanent watchbacks for my first 25 watchers, so now I'm collecting their names into one journal entry to make it easy to remember who they are (and for some added recognition).  Thanks for joining the mutual support club (whether you knew you were joining it or not).

   25. *augustCORE
:iconterryhiatus:  :thumb357384779:

   24. ~PoshSingularity
:iconposhsingularity:   Face style sketches by PoshSingularity

   23. ~smjblessing
:iconsmjblessing:   That's All Folks ! - Mel Blanc by smjblessing

   22. ~justwant2happy
:iconjustwant2behappy:   Sebastian2nd Justwant2happy by justwant2behappy

   21. ~slickrickramon

   20. ~Denaliah
:icondenaliah:   Pseudo- Elements: Kain - Earth by Denaliah

   19. ~ShaunStarrr
:iconshaunstarrr:   Love Is Here by ShaunStarrr

   18. ~sylor41
:iconsylor41:   Commision: Wisp-ers in the Night by sylor41

   17. ~xMollifiedWolfx
:iconxmollifiedwolfx:   Aiden by xMollifiedWolfx

   16. ~Miruru911
:iconmiruru911:  :D

   15. ~KlarthSan
:iconklarthsan:   Last Words by KlarthSan

   14. =acatris
:iconanastasiacatris:   Ocean by AnastasiaCatris

   13. ~KittyCarousel
:iconkittycarousel:   Tea Party by KittyCarousel

   12. *outsidelogic
:iconoutsidelogic:   The Homeless Cyborg by outsidelogic

   11. ~Fortress2660
:iconfortress2660:  :thumb356189094:

   10. ~LeIllustratrice
:iconleillustratrice:   Dancing with stars (colored) by LeIllustratrice

   9. ~terezioux
:iconterezioux:  :D

   8. *iBizkut
:iconibizkut:   Venetian Mask by iBizkut

   7. ~DawnStygian
:icondawnstygian:   :.The Dirty Deed Maid.: by DawnStygian

   6. ~Dariustheruler
:icondariustheruler:   Sketch cover Hulk by Dariustheruler

   5. *HeavenhairSixes
:iconheavenhairsixes:   Reservoir Sith by HeavenhairSixes

   4. ~Animebirdy
:iconanimebirdy:   Shinx wallpaper colored by Animebirdy

   3. ~estacado071785
:iconestacado071785:   Amaya by estacado071785

   2. ~Kourby
:iconkourby:   Leonard dress by Kourby

   1. *Studio-Stockwell
:iconstudio-stockwell:   JUNE 2012 Pt 1 by Studio-Stockwell

Having more than 25 watchers makes a big difference to me so now I can feel like I'm publishing art to somebody instead of just talking to myself.  Thanks again.  Really looking forward to what we all come up with over the years.