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Love yourself, Love myself

Cute like a puppy!

Hi, I'm Monnie and I sell Kematas and Kemata accessories! I am a married and happy little dumb dumb who wants to bring as much happiness to others as possible ^^! Open minded and kind, I am always looking to grow my species and kemmunity!


Please consider joining our community! it would make us all very happy and you would be very welcomed ^^! artists and writers of all levels and types welcome!

I go through several phases of characters I grow strongly attached to and this profile will be updated to reflect those characters v wv/!

You can expect to see art from me here and there as my motivation comes in small waves at the moment, I want to learn to love my art again and have fun!


Kemmunity Discord:


I dont have any preferred pronouns, you can call me She/he/they, it bothers me none whichever you choose to call me c: !

King is an acceptable title however v wv i will accept that kekeke

Preferred Nicknames: Monnie, Mon, Julian, Joon, you are welcome to call me anything however.

I tend to use pet names *honey, love, hun, baby* if this bothers you please let me know when you interact with me so i dont offend you ^^!

I have some people on here who mean the whole world to me, but these two here are my greatest influences in my life and in my art path:

@manticorgi @monochromera

They are my best friends and my family. I can't imagine my life without them in it.

Moon Child, You shine

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Thanks for the Fav. :dummy::dalove:

Chibi-Sculpture-Foxy-Fox 01

You are awesome.

aaah thank you ; w; im glad you feel that way <3!!!

wow she unwatched me just to watch me again, she must love my art that much!!! :'3c

i can't like my own comments tf is this bs

Thanks for the Watch :D