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My goodness, look at how cute he is! I really admire your style of drawing, I love how you did his colors and the shading of his wings ...

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Oc feature meme
Hey guys! I'm also going to use this journal as a small update! I won't be using this account to much outside commissions and adopts!
This might be a perminate thing but only time will tell  <3 as a send off jounral leave a comment and I'll feature 10 ocs!
【♚ RULES】.

* I will choose one of your OCs I like the most.
* When I confirm you as a feature, you must make your own journal and add me. The idea is to spread people's art/OCs around
1) Crystal-Zen 
if you didn't see this coming I'd be suprised! it's no secret that I ADORE hikari! everything about her just screams best mom! I have a weakness for motherly characters who can pack a punch and Hikari hits that bang on the nose! Also I could maybe write so much more on how I adore her pairing with All Might but we could be here for hours! :D
:iconprincessmaggot:PrincessMaggot 2 3
JURASSIC WORLD FALLEN KINGDOM  T-REX by ERIC-ARTS-inc JURASSIC WORLD FALLEN KINGDOM T-REX :iconeric-arts-inc:ERIC-ARTS-inc 56 16 above the mist by landobaldur above the mist :iconlandobaldur:landobaldur 616 39
Your OC's Parents
1. Pick a character you've created.
2. Fill in the questions about your parents if you were your OC.
3. Tag at least four people
:iconamplifang765: tagged me for Alex. I hope you guys enjoy!  
1) What are your parents(s) names?
"My parents names are Koko Macha and Atohi." 
2) Do you have a mom or dad or both?
... "Yes."
3) What species are your parents? 
4) Are your parents alive? 
"... My father might be. That is up for debate. Koko... that is also up for debate. The last time I saw both of them, the out look was not good for either."
5) If they're alive, how old are they?
"Atohi... I believe would be 2,000 something years old. Koko would be 1,000 something."
6) If they're dead, what was the cause of that? 
"Atohi was shot at point blank range by a human. Koko, she might have died at the hands of the alpha."
7) How did your parents meet? 
"Atohi was in charge of our tr
:iconthe-ziggizteromgplz:The-Ziggizteromgplz 2 0
Erza and Ultear by Shablagooo
Mature content
Erza and Ultear :iconshablagooo:Shablagooo 955 58
An18 by Shablagooo
Mature content
An18 :iconshablagooo:Shablagooo 697 42
Character Development OC Questionnaire
I see a lot of "OC questionnaires" and stuff that are really silly and goofy... and that's great, but I'd really love a serious one to help with character development. I also wanted on that asks the actual character the questions, so they can respond. So here is my attempt to create a useful questionnaire to fill out using your characters. I made this with the intention of using one character, but feel free to choose several characters and rotate them between questions. 

The most important part of this is to be thorough. I tried my best to stay away from "yes/no" questions, but elaborate. If your character is one that doesn't speak much, feel free to include their unspoken thoughts as well. 
Also, I tried to stay vague so that you can fill this question out with your 16 year old high school student OC, but also with your 23 year old Ninja Warrior from feudal Japan. And probably your random closed species giraffe/shark hybrid too. 
:iconlohkk:lohkk 124 7



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I think I'm gonna do a massive overhaul on some of the toyhouse bios I have done cause goddamn some of them are not very fleshed out.
Stolen from Umbra74 

1. Pick a character you've created.
2. Fill in the questions about your parents if you were your OC.
3. Tag at least four people

I'm choosing Teighenth as my OC for this, cause yes, I know we all wanna know about Kevin's mama, but Teighenth deserves some loving, too, and what with all this new backstory I'm writing for him currently with his family, I think he deserves it ^-^

1) What are your parents(s) names?
"My mother is Nyga, and my...father...was Teiruth Óttinn."

2) Do you have a mom or dad or both?
"Did I not just tell you this?"
3) What species are your parents? 
"You must be joking...Dragons, obviously, you imbecile."

4) Are your parents alive? 
" not know..." His mother is still alive, but his father died some time after Teighenth was imprisoned.

5) If they're alive, how old are they?
"If I were to tell you, your insignificant little mind wouldn't possibly comprehend it." Okay, truth be told, I have no freaking clue how old Teiruth and Nyga were/are. Hell, I've given up with trying to establish a set age for Teighenth cause the damn bastard is centuries old already XP
6) If they're dead, what was the cause of that? 
"And how would I know that, exactly?" Dragons tend to live for a very long time to the point of near immortality, save for if they became subject to illness or mortal wounds, in which case their death meant the return of their energies to the Earth. In Teiruth's case, it was illness that ended him.

7) How did your parents meet? 
"I never bothered to ask my mother the details - the obvious was sufficient enough. They had a 'fling', as you humans call it, and then they parted, simple as that. It matters little to me."

8) What did they do for a living? 
"My father was the patriarch of the Óttinn clan, who claimed direct lineage from the Titan Bremier himself, which I will confirm to be true, but that is it. Simply put, royalty. I never cared for it. My mother, on the other hand, came from a family of seers, though it seems the gift skipped her and went on to my sister instead. Bloodlines are a strange thing, sometimes."

9) Are/were you close to your parents? 
"...I loved my mother. That much I will admit. And she loved me and my sister as much as any mother would love their children, that is, unconditionally. She like Kevin's mother...she only wanted to see her children grow, and be safe. As for my father, well, considering I am the "bastard child" that he conveniently forgot about until it suited him, let's just say I didn't see much of him, if at all. The only time we ever spoke, and I stress the only time, was after I'd beaten his "true" heir, Grimmur (my half-brother Emote| Rick Rolls his eyes ), the day he actually recognized me as his son. Wasn't that something? Needless to say, I never spoke to him again afterwards - I wanted nothing to do with him. He could pass on his crown to Grimmur for all I cared, but I would much rather be Teighenth the Destroyer, than be Teighenth Óttinn." 

10) What were your parent's childhoods like? 
"You humans, always obsessed with the dramatics. Well, sorry to disappoint you, but no eventful backstories for you today."

11) Did your parents ever regret anything? 
"Funnily enough, my sister asked my mother the same question, and her answer? Not a thing. Yet another show of just how much she truly loved us. My father, who knows? If he does, then it isn't my problem."

The-Ziggizteromgplz for Alex
ClassicalStars for Ryder
coffee-and-blackcats for Gabriel
PrincessMaggot for River

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