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My goodness, look at how cute he is! I really admire your style of drawing, I love how you did his colors and the shading of his wings ...

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”Teighenth?” The red dragon turned upon hearing his name, to face his sister, who stood by Fridr waiting for him. "It’s time."

”I know...” Looking back at Laura, their eyes met, and they understood. No other words were needed...yet they wanted to say something. Anything. But they couldn’t find the words they wanted to say, save for one.

Laura was the first to find her voice, though it took her some time, so suddenly hesitant she was. ”So,” she began, keeping her voice steady. ”I guess this is...” She trailed off, and she ended up having to look away, avoiding Teighenth’s gaze.

"Yeah,” the dragon replied, also finding it hard to keep his eyes toward her. "Yeah, I guess it is.” The brunette nodded, and with a forced smile looked back up at him. "It’s been one hell of a ride.”

"In more ways than one. Are you going to miss it?”

Laura laughed. ”You kidding? Every day. Why, are you saying that you won’t?"

”Not at all,” the dragon huffed, though not in his usual stiff manner. ”I’ll miss it more than you’ll ever know. Which is saying something.”

The two souls shared a heartfelt chuckle over this, for a moment forgetting the bittersweetness behind this all. But then, they had to remember, and just as swiftly as their laughter began, so too did it die away, as they avoided each other’s gaze.

Neither said anything more for a time, until Laura, with an unusually quiet voice, said softly, "I...I'll miss you the most, though."

At those words, Teighenth glanced back up at her with widened eyes. His surprise then, however, came nowhere near close to that towards the words that left his tongue just as swiftly. "And I, you." They had been purely instinctual, yet they carried such a truth that he, nor Laura, could not deny.

The girl couldn't bear it any longer; tears began to stream from her cheeks, as she suddenly rushed him and wrapped her arms around one of his forearms, burrowing her face into his warm scales. The first initial contact had made Teighenth freeze, but as soon as she began hugging him, he was practically immobilized. After all his years of fighting, to be held like a human who genuinely cared for him, when he'd done little to nothing to deserve it...the tough shell he had carried all his life finally cracked.

Bending down carefully, so as not to dislodge the girl, the dragon lowered his head and held it against her, eyes closed tightly as he crooned softly, which only brought another wave of tears upon Laura as she held him tighter, an action that in turn caused Teighenth's eyes, already wet, to moisten even more. They both stayed close to one another, neither willing to be the first to pull away, for in that moment, they were bonded again...if only briefly.
[DNA NG] Laura
"The eldest of Kevin and Raven's two daughters, Laura derives her namesake from two people, her first being from her grandmother Lauren, and her middle name Awendela from her father's childhood friend Alex Macha. Personality wise, however, she takes more after Teighenth than anything. A born wild-child, she is a thrill-seeker and a rebel, always adamant about following her own calling, even if it gets her into more trouble than she intends. Because of her nature, she is more in sync with the dragon that shares souls with her than her own father, and thus they share a strong, mutual bond, prominently being in their shared desire to be free. To forge their own path, and fly on their own, whether it be together as one...or together from afar."

<div align=center>This was honestly such a long time coming, it's kind of criminal it's only getting done now. As much as I liked Laura's old design, the fact is that it honestly was more of a Raven recolor than anything when I first drew it, so I was never entirely happy with it. But thanks to the wonderful talent of mindyourfingers, she has a wonderful new look, one which I am incredibly ecstatic to see, and just cannot say enough of my thanks for! I hope you all love it as much as I do!

Laura (c) me
Alex (c) The-Ziggizteromgplz 
Original redesign (c) mindyourfingers [
See here!
1. Pick one of your OC's.
2. Fill in the questions/statements as if you were the chosen OC.
3. Tag 4 people to do this meme.

 I was tagged by ShadowNighthunter to do this. Honestly, I expected to be roped into the meme sooner or later xD

Now I was going to make this a double interview and choose Kev and Big T for this, but at the last minute realized I could use this to flesh out my new gal Sigrid, so I'll be "interviewing" her instead, and since she's going to be an enemy-turned-friend of Kevin's, it's only fair you get to know her a little better ^-^

So, to make it official, I choose:

Sigrid Alvarsdóttir

DC: Sigrid by amplifang765

1. What is your name?
"My name is Sigrid Alvarsdóttir. Don't ask me about the last name, it should be self-explanatory."

2. Do you know why you were named that?
"In Old Norse, Sigrid means "marvelous victory". My father gave me that name as he believed I would be the most triumphant in battle when I came of age."

3. Are you single or taken?
"Single, but don't get any ideas!"

4. Have any abilities or powers?
"I'm no sorcerer like Kevin is, but I am not unfamiliar with the runic magicks. My sisters and I use them as charms and spells, casting them on our weapons and armor, and sometimes ourselves to provide us an edge in combat."

5. Stop being Mary Sue.
"Excuse me?"

6. What's your eye color?
"Blue. I get it from my mother."

7. What's your hair color?
"White blonde. None of my parents have it, but I think my mother's father had it."

8. Have any family members?
"Besides me, I have my two sisters, Runa and Hildr. Then you have my father, Alvar, and my mother Helga. My father died of pneumonia when I was twelve."

9. How about pets?
"We...well, the family has one dog, a Black Norwegian Elkhound, who's been with us since he was a pup. His name is Hunter. Yeah, real original, I know."

10. That's cool. Now tell me something you don't like?
"In general, I dislike dragons, though I'm working on it...slowly. Doesn't help that the one I have to deal with on a daily basis has a terrible sense of humor, and seems to hate my guts. Granted, my family has killed his kind, so it's fair, I guess. But at least give me a break!"

11. Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?
"I would say hunting is a hobby, but it's more of a profession. When I'm not doing that, I like to read now and again. I did dabble a bit in the violin when I was younger, but I haven't touched it again for some time. Maybe now...hmm..."

12. Have you ever hurt anyone in any way?
"Monsters, dragons, that's about it. Never people."

13. Ever...killed anyone?
"Again, just monsters and such. Though I've never killed a dragon...I'm still waiting for my rite of passage. Well...I was, anyway."

14. What kind of animal are you?
"I would say I'm a fox. My sisters have always said I'm the most clever, so it fits. Foxes also tend to jump the gun, too, now that I think about it..."

15. Name your worst habits.
"I've been known to be...impulsive. And stubborn. And I don't take to following orders very well." (>.>)

16. Do you look up to anyone at all?
"At one point, I used to admire my elder sister, Hildr. I still do at times, for how strong she was, how fierce. I wanted to be just like her. But that was when I mistook great strength for one's character. Now, I'm not sure anymore..."

17. Are you gay, straight or bisexual?

18. Do you go to school?
"No, I was homeschooled. 

19. Ever want to get married and have kids one day?
"I'm fourteen, why would I think that now? I has crossed my mind maybe once...or twice. I don't know, perhaps I would. But only when I've found the right person."

20. Do you have any fangirls/fanboys?
"Compared to Kevin? Not implying he has any, but if he did, he most likely would have more than I would."

21. What are you most afraid of?
"I'm not afraid of anything...except maybe spiders. They...unsettle me. That's all I will say about it."

22. What clothes do you usually wear?
"You mean when I'm NOT hunting? Nothing specific, to be honest. I think I'd wear just about anything, but I tend to wear a sweater the most often."

23. What's one food that tempts you?
"...Pizza. I can never get enough after I first got a slice Kevin offered. That boy is a saint."

24. What class are you (low/middle/high)?
"I guess it depends on how you look at it. My family is pretty well off, so somewhere in between high and middle, I suppose."

25. What are your thoughts on pie?
"Wholly depends on what pie you're referring to...personally, I prefer apple pie."

26. Favorite drink?
"Hot chocolate, when I get the time for it."

27. What's your favorite place?
"Anywhere in the wild, really. Mountains, forests, wherever I feel an adventure is. Or not even an adventure, really. Just...a place where I can stretch my wings a bit...did I say wings? Ugh, I've been around Kev and his dragon for too long."

28. Are you interested in anyone?
"" (glances nervously at an oblivious Kevin)

29. That was a stupid question.
"Yeah. Yeah, just a question?"

30. Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?
"The lake. Surprising, right? I do like the ocean, but sometimes I prefer a more peaceful setting."

31. What's your type?
"It's...kind of hard to say, really. I guess if I'm being really honest, someone like...a certain boy I know. Someone who surprises you by how...kind they are. Regardless of if you were foes or not, they would never desire to hurt you, even protecting you themselves if the situation became so dire. They're willing to see the good in every being, even if no one else can. Call it naivety if you will—I certainly did once—but a person like that? That is someone you grow to respect...and to love."

32. Camping or outdoors?
"Both if I can help it. I love being out in the wild."

33. Any fetishes?
"Ok, we're done here." (brandishes spear) "Get out."


Skele for Sofia (Only fair since I did Sigrid, and they're both former Dawn Breakers XD)

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