The Rebellion (pt.10)
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Inside the terminal of the San Fransokyo Airport, Hiro, Megan, Baymax, Wasabi, Venus, Honey Lemon, Esai, Fred, Dragonbat, and Gogo were escorting Anna Tamberelli and Elsa Dunne to the plane heading off to Norway. Honey Lemon and Esai had given the two women some food.

“And here is a container of some nice churros that Esai had prepared last night,” Honey Lemon smiled.

“Aw, how delicious,” smiled Anna. “Can’t wait to sink my teeth in them.”

“A better alternative than human flesh,” Elsa said.

“No crap, Sherlock,” Esai said.

“I wish you didn’t have to go away,” Venus said. “Especially after how you’d saved us from those Black Skull creatures.”

“Nor do I, Venus,” Elsa shook her head, morosely. “But, we’ve got some family in Norway. So, it is to then utmost importance that we see about them.”

“Elsa is quite correct,” said Anna.

“Leastways, you’ll be right next door to my family in Sweden,” beamed Dragonbat.

“That’s true,” winked Anna.

“There goes the pool party plans I had,” Fred said. “I wanted you guys to come to my pool party, to celebrate the destruction of the Black Skull losers.”

“Uh, one of our comrades is dead, and you think this is an okay time to celebrate?” Wasabi asked.

“Very sensitive,” Gogo huffed.

“And anyhow, me being a fire type, I am quite disadvantaged in the water department,” Anna added.

“Plus, I am not so sure that the Black Skull club is necessarily done for,” Elsa, the German-Swedish lady, said.

Hiro and his friends exchanged looks. “How do you mean?” Megan asked.

“Have you heard of an Elizabeth Marcotte “Beth Wild” Hook, Sable Korff Rossoff, and Stephen Gregory and Pearl Renée Smee?” Elsa wondered.

Their names brought wrath to the heroes. “Those are the jerks who’d harassed us in the Blue Lotus the other day!” Hiro snarled.

“Well, did you know that they are four of the seven remaining people of the Black Skull Organziation?” Anna asked.

“Stop kidding,” Hiro said.

“I’m afraid that this is no jest,” Baymax said. “The Italian-Norwegian woman, Anna Tamberelli is quite correct. Elizabeth Marcotte “Beth Wild” Hook, Sable Korff Rossoff, and Stephen Gregory and Pearl Renée Smee are the few of the seven remaining and existing members of the Black Skull Organization.”

“Well, who are the others?” Fred asked.

“You don’t need to know……..not right now, anyhow,” Anna said. “Well, shall we take a group selfie before we depart?”

“Oh, I love group selfies!” Honey Lemon clapped her hands.

“What’s new about that?” Gogo rolled her eyes.

“GOGO!” whined Venus.

“Would you knock it off?” Esai asked.

Sighing irritably, Gogo joined Hiro, Megan, Baymax, Wasabi, Venus, Honey Lemon, Esai, Fred, Dragonbat, Anna, and Elsa for the group selfie. As usual, Gogo refused to smile.

“Gogo,” Honey Lemon said, whinily.

“Fine,” Gogo said, painfully feigning a smile.

After the picture had been taken, Wasabi and Venus shook their heads. “Ethel Claire will never change,” Venus sighed.

“Yeah, she’s dryer than a desert,” Wasabi agreed.

“Thanks for noticing.” Gogo said, walking away.

As Anna and Elsa headed towards the plane, Esai approached the two women. “Hey, I really hope you two come back to San Fransokyo real soon. We could go to the San Fransokyo Mall sometime…..maybe Disney Land?”

“The latter is not such a good idea,” Elsa said. “People will run over the new Pope to get to us, thinking that we are the actual stars of Frozen. I wouldn’t mind taking you up on the former idea, though.”

“Yeah, we’d get our picture taken near the Max Headroom statue,” Anna interjected, laughing.

“That would be great,” Esai agreed.

“In the meantime,” Elsa said, “we must return to our motherland.”

Esai looked down on the ground, shamefully.

Elsa picked him up. “Uh, I hope I don’t see any frown on your face, boy,” said Elsa.

Parttaking in the fun activity, Anna said, “because, if we do, we’re gonna gobble your narrow tail up!”

Venus and Honey Lemon ran over to the girls. “Oooooh, can I join in?” Honey Lemon asked.

“Oh, Lord, please don’t,” bemoaned Esai.

“Too freaking late!” Venus said.

“OM-NOM-NOM-NOM-NOM!” Honey Lemon, Elsa, Anna, and Venus pretended to consume the boy.

“Uh, I ain’t having this here,” Esai said, giggling. “You’d better raise up off me. Acting like you lost y’all minds!”

Hiro, Megan, Baymax, Wasabi, Fred, and Dragonbat watched them, bemused.

“ ‘Raise up off me?’ ” Wasabi asked. “I am scared of Esai now.”

“Esai’s been scary in the first place,” Fred said.

“And you differ from him how?’ Gogo asked, sarcastically.

“Hey, don’t talk about my man like that,” Dragonbat said, defending her boyfriend.

“What man?” Hiro joked.

“Hey, I have feelings, you know,” Fred whined.

Megan hit Hiro fondly. “Yeah, be nice, can’t you. Stop being immature.”

“I’m fourteen years old,” Hiro argued. “Please, inform me of Fred’s excuse….provided he’s got any, at all.”

Not too far away, Ethan Christopher Rabbort hid behind a pillar, watching Hiro, Megan, Baymax, Wasabi, Venus, Honey Lemon, Esai, Fred, Dragonbat, Gogo, Anna, and Elsa.

Grabbing out his cell phone, he said, “Say, this is Ethan Rabbort. I am heading on the first plane to Akihabara, Japan. But, I am telling you, I want you to head to the Bay Area! Don’t want to go? This is not a request! I want the Big Zero club members dead! And that goes for the Canadian fox girl, the eagle woman, and the childish Peter Pan wannabe, too!!”


(Esai/Indoraptor, Anna Tamberelli, and Elsa Dunne are created by superkoola

Hiro, Wasabi, Baymax, Fred, Gogo, Honey Lemon, and Megan belong to Disney and Marvel

Catherine/Venus belongs to BrainyxBat 

Amelia Watcat/Dragonbat belongs to Dragonauroralight

Ethan Christopher Rabbort belongs to me!)

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superkoolaHobbyist Writer

Sweet ending! Except for the last part...that's tense.

Now...may I please help you with the next story? I might not be as able as the Wolf Pack, but like the Wolf Pack, I want to help do it correctly!

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Please do!

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superkoolaHobbyist Writer


However, for the moment, I will mostly be listing outlines for chapters due to other stories I'd like to work on.

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Fuschia1600Hobbyist Artist
So intense
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Fuschia1600Hobbyist Artist
How your day going for you?
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Very good. How are you?

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Fuschia1600Hobbyist Artist
Been quarantine for 5 months.
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We live the quarantine life!

(heavy sarcasm)

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Fuschia1600Hobbyist Artist
It's already the first of August and people are still going out without a mask or washing their hands.
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