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Fridal Kahlo
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A Raisin In The Sun (2009), Let's Do It Again, The Avengers, Wreck-It-Ralph, The Iron Giant, Megamind, Happy Gilmore, Independence Day, The Specialist
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The Cosby Show, Bonanza, The Big Valley, Good Times, Family Matters, Shark, Doctor Who
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Yolanda Adams, Nicole C. Mullen, Stevie Wonder, Stevie Woods, Avalon, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Shirley Caesar, Commissioned, 5ive, Take 5, Jump 5, Ron Kenoly, Cascada, Mika, Flo-Rida, ACDC, Dazz Band, Vanessa Williams, RAZE
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The Bible, MacBeth, Penelope's Daughter, Olivia, You Again, A Raisin In The Sun, Let The Circle Be Unbroken,
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Mildred D. Taylor, V.C. Andrews, Tyler Perry, Langston Hughes, Pablo Neruda
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Apples to Apples, Banjo-kazooie, DKC trilogy
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Too many to list....

Big Hero 6: The Supernatural Series: Summaries

Big Hero 6: The Supernatural Series: Summaries

I and My Annabelle Leigh Wasabi and his beautiful girlfriend, Catherine “Venus” Woods, make friends with a disabled, mentally challenged young woman. (Ending Chibi-Oke Song: Just Gets Better With Time) Doctor Gadget Hiro, Baymax, Venus, Wasabi, Gogo, Honey Lemon, and a bashful young woman, Ramen, meet a young eccentric computer hacker, whom Fred strongly distrusts. (Ending Chibi-Oke Song: Domo Arigato (Mr. Robotto)) Beauty, Brains, and Brawn The new catwoman, Venus, the lovely warrior, Swallow (Betty Lou Robinson), and a sexy former assassin, Mechadactyl (Olivia P. Harding) take down a bunch of Jurassic terrorists. (Ending Chibi-Oke Song: Bad) Out of Hades and into Heaven A young Japanese boy is out on the hunt by the Black Skull Organization. Meanwhile, Honey Lemon’s French pen pal is being monstrously abused by her aunt and a man named Bradley Gothwood, who has his eye for Venus and Sky Blossom, as well. (Ending Chibi-Oke Song: Everybody Have Fun Tonight) The Black Dragon The

Big Chibi 6: Chibi-Oke Cafe (Chibi Karaoke #8)

Big Chibi 6: Chibi-Oke Cafe (Chibi Karaoke #8)

CLUB TROPICANA (by Chibi-Venus, Chibi-Ramen, Chibi-Rainbow, Chibi-Arcobalena, Chibi-Esai, Chibi-Sparky, Chibi-Kyubi, Chibi-Dark Kyubi, Chibi-Honeymaren, Chibi-Little Joe, Chibi-Danny, Chibi-Mábel, Chibi-Nancy, Chibi-Luna, Chibi-Kiren, Chibi-Kirin, Chibi-Trina, Chibi-Halle Joe, Chibi-Ariel, Chibi-Anna, Chibi-Elsa, (the dog and cat, too) Chibi-Mike-Kent, Chibi-Dorian, Chibi-Kyley, Chibi-Danny-Kent, Chibi Linda, Chibi, Kayla, Chibi-Seiryuu, Chibi-Byakko, Chibi-Genbu, Chibi-Aarohi, Chibi-Nakooma, Chibi-Bryan Edward, Chibi-Jīnsè, and Chibi-Suzaku) Venus: "Let me take you to the place, Where membership's a smiling face!" Ramen: "Brush shoulders with the stars!" Rainbow Eagle: "Where strangers take you by the hand And welcome you to wonderland!" Esai: "From beneath their panamas!" (Sparky, Aarohi, Jīnsè, Honeymaren, Anna the puppy, Elsa the kitty, Nakooma, and Bryan Edward each wore a fruit basket and and a brassiere.) Arcobalena: "Club Tropicana, drinks are free!" Kyubi: "Fun

The Rebellion (pt.10)

The Rebellion (pt.10)

Inside the terminal of the San Fransokyo Airport, Hiro, Megan, Baymax, Wasabi, Venus, Honey Lemon, Esai, Fred, Dragonbat, and Gogo were escorting Anna Tamberelli and Elsa Dunne to the plane heading off to Norway. Honey Lemon and Esai had given the two women some food. “And here is a container of some nice churros that Esai had prepared last night,” Honey Lemon smiled. “Aw, how delicious,” smiled Anna. “Can’t wait to sink my teeth in them.” “A better alternative than human flesh,” Elsa said. “No crap, Sherlock,” Esai said. “I wish you didn’t have to go away,” Venus said. “Especially after how you’d saved us from those Black Skull creatures.” “Nor do I, Venus,” Elsa shook her head, morosely. “But, we’ve got some family in Norway. So, it is to then utmost importance that we see about them.” “Elsa is quite correct,” said Anna. “Leastways, you’ll be right next door to my family in Sweden,” beamed Dragonbat. “That’s true,” winked Anna. “There goes the pool party plans I had,” Fred

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superkoolaHobbyist Writer

Hiya! :)

Did you get the note I sent you?

I will read it real soon.

superkoolaHobbyist Writer

Okaya! Let me know if you like it! :D

UsagichanBRHobbyist General Artist

Thank you for the watch :D


thanks agian