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a new year

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 2, 2012, 3:28 AM

A new year has started and hope of change saturates our souls.
Sometimes all it needs is that we are the ones that need changing.

There is an old story that goes like this:

A man prays and prays all his life for the lottery jackpot and nothing happens.
When he dies he meets God and asks him "why did you not answer my prayer?"
God looks at him, exhales deeply, and says "well, I wanted to but maybe you should just have bought a lottery ticket once in your life."

Just praying and leaning back, waiting for a miracle won't get you anywhere. Get up and do something.

Last year I had almost lost my love for photography. I have probably never shot as few frames as in 2011.
My mother, my personal saint, gave me an iPhone for xmas.
So far this year i have shot over 600 pics. I am learning every day and have rediscovered my fascination.

My quest for this year and the future is to shoot a minimum of one finished picture a day.

I can pray for inspiration, but I am the one who needs to go out and seek for it.

Have a great inspired 2012

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Seasons Greetings

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 15, 2009, 5:00 AM
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Seasons Greetings

I just wanted to use the opportunity to wish everyone a fantastic x-mas and a happy, successful, creative new year.

Hugs and kisses

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Hi people!

If you'd like to see more of my photos there's always->…

By the way... would any of you be interested in buying a small book containing my pictures( at about 65DKK, 9€, 7£ )?
I know a few ladies who survived breast cancer, but not everyone is that lucky.

Girls, PLEASE feel your breasts! Or make it a part of foreplay, for f**** sake. And if you find anything unusual... hurry!

Don't forget!!!…
Hello people

I've added a shopping area to my blog. In time you'll be able to find lots of pretty stuff there. There are a few things avaliable already.

BLOG can be found here!

Journal, ID and Blog layout

Sun Jan 14, 2007, 9:00 AM

Hello people

I thought it was time to mock up some stuff.
So now you'll find a new ID and a completely redesigned blog.

Hope you like it!

BLOG can be found here!

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After two months of working and living in Bangalore, India, we have finally returned home.

It's been the adventure of a lifetime and we've learned so much. Life will be different.

India is very different from Europe and especially Denmark and it's difficult adapting, but It sure grows on you.

We've seen temples, dances, markets, cows, coffee estates, the Bay of Bengal, the Arabian sea, weddings and funerals.

India is definately worth a visit, believe me.
Hi you all!

On October 4th I'm leaving for India.
I'm going to Bangalore with my sweetheart and colleague :iconzeraphyne: to work for a company called Ascendum Systems

If you'd like to keep up with things, please visit
My Blog

news flash

Mon Jul 17, 2006, 7:52 AM

Now also at…

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new project

Thu Jul 6, 2006, 7:51 AM

I'm currently working on a calendar for one of my
oldest friends birthday, but my mother want's to
use it as a present for her business clients.

I'll post something as soon as I know more.

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Mon Jun 26, 2006, 9:54 AM

I've changed.
As a child I never understood why my mother spent so much time i the garden.
Now I know why.
I love sitting outside just listening to the birds or walking through the garden watering my flowers and my lettuce.
I find so much peace there.
Since I bought my camera I have shot about 4000 pictures, mostly of life in this tiny fraction of heaven that I call home.
The scent, the sound, the feel of it...

Please hold on for lots of pictues of roses.
There is a rose plantation near by that grows and sells vintage roses.
I went there a few days ago and shot a LOT of good pictures that I want to share

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The world has a new Multimedia-Designer!
I passed my final exam!

Help Kazim! Click here

1500 pageviews!!!!!

Thank you!!!!!!!!
Use it!

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I just came back from my trip to Israel.
And everyone who is against Israel is welcome to spam me or tell me I'm a bad person, but I've had such a great time and met a lot of really nice people.

The country is so beautiful. There are huge differences between north and south. From rough desert to green orange plantations. That's something really amazing if you're used to the cold scandinavian rainy weather and average 16 degrees celcius.

I went swimming in the dead sea, diving in the red sea, and visited most of the holy places, although I'm not religious. I just admire when someone believes in something and feels inspired to create some sort of art.

I made a lot of pictures and I'll submit some of them.