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i n c i p i e n c e  v. 2.0 by amphirion i n c i p i e n c e  v. 2.0 by amphirion
21 original presets
12 remixes from the avs community
+2 bonus tracks
a couple of modulations (better) from the winamp
here it is. enjoy :D
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Daily Deviation

Given 2004-12-13
better late than never, i n c i p i e n c e v. 2.0 by ~amphirion is a both, technical and stylish collection of AVS presets. if you like :devduo:, you will love this. ( Featured by yathosho )
Lameiro-san Featured By Owner May 24, 2010
send me download link?
amphirion Featured By Owner May 24, 2010
luckily the winamp version still works:
ben-avs-15 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2009
i love extrema because its like a line effect or rolling!
amphirion Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2009
thanks very much! that's one of my faves from the pack too!
ben-avs-15 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2010
your welcome i will add my avs favorite in my account...
avs-king Featured By Owner May 15, 2005
This is very very good.
amphirion Featured By Owner May 15, 2005
thanks a lot
zen-x Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2005
This is one sweet pack, shame I'm 8 months late reviewing it, so here is my quick review;

'extrema' it's just fucking cute, thats all I've got to say. 'underwater' and 'rollercoaster dreams' rmx are my favourites

'it looka like somethin'', really original and (yes, I'm going to say it) psycodelic could alice in wonderland preset.

Really like the main ssc in 'over my head' it's like some funky mobius strip slinky.

I have some reservations about you 3d scopes work not because they're bad they are just a little to harsh for me. Overall, I really like your style especially the liquidy ones.


Buddy-Chronic Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2004
Fantastic presets, ran a little slow on my comp. My fault, not yours :)
degnic Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2004
great pack, I especially liked your remixes and 'necromancer's pot',intro, 'extrema' and 'for display purposes'

viskey Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2004
Some of these run a bit slow on my PC (below 15 fps) but the presets look really good and i think you deserved another :+fav:
WotL Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2004  Hobbyist
Too late, a full review has already been given...

Here it is anyway:
---------------------------------------- ----------------------------
'=half star

Intro - colorful, fluid yet cartoony, it's funny! ***
Over my head - i just wish the scope were solid.. ***'
it looka like something - strange preset.. black dm looka likes some older Duo work to me **'
progressive - attractive preseet. just don't know why exactly though. ***'
ensemble - as you said, a weaker preset. another background effect would do a lot. **
attracted to the center. - nice combination of hard SSC's and T2's ***
introspectively - what a name... looks very galactic to me. smooth. ***'
extrema - 3d lines on a black background.. looks a lot like SV's architectural design. ***
deus ex mechanica - a bit cold. I suppose that's the way it was meant.. ***
in transit - I always love these kind of DM's. ***
Underwater - Wow, what a preset. Like ther's some ice too ****
gridlock - a bit static - ***
the rhone concept - just abstract scopes indeed. looks good. ***
merovingian - the DM is too hyperactive. scope is nice. **'
necromancer's pot - a bit too overbrightend if you'd ask me - **'
sycaphant - even better than in transit ***'
picasso in chaos - circles and squares. they match I guess. ***
les temps - scopes are nice but I don't like the background **'
cryptocoryne - what is it with you and names? :s Like them though. you can't see that nifty starfield as it should be. ***'
for display purposes - Aren't they all? trippy ***'
one thing leads to another - nice scopework ***
soah-seampol now soah-cumpleakatid - name is sorta complicated too.. took a while ;) ***'

Project Global - the best preset in the pack I think.. LOVE it!!- ****'
Project Integrate - Great preset, if maybe a bit too busy ****
Conclusion - Circles and more circles. ***'

Overall: a very varied pack of high quality. A well-deserved :+fav:
:star: :star: :star: :star: :star-empty:
jmecor64 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2004
This is a good avs collection, you certainly outdid yourself with this one.

I really like the Underwater and Necromancer's Pot :)
pure-krypton Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2004
well this is a very sexy pack
+fav :)
zamuz Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2004   Digital Artist
really nice pack, been waiting to see it. some amazing and really original visual treats here, you've got a cool style going on throughout the pack. also pretty nice fps, except maybe on 'it looka like a somethin' which seemed kinda overloaded to me.

over my head, progressive (amazing look on one, love it), merovingian (actually liked it a lot, but it could be less flashy), sycaphant, one thing leads to another (cool scoping, really responsive and i love those 'finishing touch' scopes on the right and left, top preset), project global and integrate (awesome bonus presets, love em).

skupers Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2004
Amazing pack. I always considered you a talent and this packs really shows what you're capable of. Great presets, great remixes: definately worthy of a favourite.
yathosho Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2004
btw, the marvelous rework relates to the look of the preset. thought it looks like some comic from marvel :)
tuggummi Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2004
First of all a few points out what could've make these presets from good to awes-o-mo:

Fps fix
Make the transitions in the presets fixed on the fps of the preset, often i think i was getting "too high" fps which resulted in extremely fast moving scopes & dm's.

Aspect ratio fix
Apply aspect ratio fix into your presets, because now your scopes look awfully squished in fullscreen mode (especially circles & squares, but other things too)

Polar to Rectangular and vice versa conversion
I noticed you were often using 2 dm's in a row, because you wanted first use rect coords for sliding & then polar coords for rotating or something else. The rd/xy trick would eliminate the need of the other dm (speed up!) and would enable some other cool stuff as well :D

And then the ah so classic, what presets i liked the best :)

over my head - Very nice scope and good background. Nice for beat rich music :nod:
progressive - No matter what some people say, cube/square presets will always rock :D And this one is especially great for the very nice background and the formations the scope create :thumbsup:
introspectively - The background is very cool, but the crosses could use something else than sub 2, but that's just my taste :)
extrema - The lines and the light balls and the perspectives and blendings and colors and... Aaaahh! Im ready to have a visual orgasm :D Only one minor nag about it would be that the patterns on the planes break sometimes (don't look continuos).
ex deux mechanica - I think i liked this one the first time around and i still do like it :) I like it for the shapes and the colors
in transit - Very interesting idea, but needs some tweaking, i.e. the circle isn't fully solid in "high" resolutions. Making the numpoint depend on the screensize seems to fix this problem though :nod:
underwater - Great effect in this one, very good for chillout music (you don't see many presets for that purpose so that makes it even better)
gridlock - I sense the same concept in this as in ex deux mechanica. Again very nice line designs and great background with cool colors.
necromancer's pot - Very very cool :D The 3D lines look good and the glowing balls are great although im wondering why didn't you use Texer II? And the background... well it's so simple im wondering why did you bother to credit me :p Thanks anyway.
les temps - Im always a fan of those skupers presets and these scopes look good too. My fps screams thank you with this one :)
cryptocoryne Very cool, but the incredible fast moving scopes ruin it pretty much for me :( (fps fix!) (i get 33fps)
one thing leads to another - The spheres are great, but the center scope could be something else. Im thinking that it shouldn't be sound reactive at all, but rather a tube that just wobbles slowly :)
SOah-SEAMpol now SOah-cUMpLEaKATID - That pattern is totally hot! :omg: Very good tunnel dm also. I just like the whole preset a lot :)
project global - Sexy scope work, good fps and reactions are cool too. Overall just great.
project integrate - Yup it's so dangerous, you might be called a awesome AVSer! :laughing: Great preset in all :nod:
conclusion - Aah circles & layers what more do you need eeh? ;) Simple, but great.

From the remixes i liked ~skupers's work and ~synth-c's work the most, because all of their mixes were top quality.

Overall i enjoyed this pack a lot, but at times the lack of the fixes made me impossible to enjoy the presets. Hope you will note these kind of things in the future, i will be waiting that day with most intrest :greetings:
For now i want to give a :+fav: for letting me and other people enjoy this great pack!
synth-c Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2004
My faves:
Sycaphant, the soah-seampol rework, in transit, ex deux mechanica,
Project Global: cool concept, just sweet, same goes for Project Integrate
Necromancers Pot: Very original and beautiful.
Overall a very original and beautiful pack.
Acid666 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2004
Impressive, most of the presets were very good! Diverse indeed.
Well done! :)
framesofreality Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2004
OK take the tech-demo part out of my comment, things respond pretty well, the main problem was that i listened to downtempo/ambient why i tested this.
Works fine with Squarepusher :D
Hboy Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2004
really good preset overally, but one is indeed a masterpiece: Project Global: that one is absolutely stunning and superior. Soo...favourite.
raz001 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2004
Great pack. Loved almost all of them. Really great work. +fav
framesofreality Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2004
Oh and good to see the good ol' pimp icon!
framesofreality Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2004
Lots of great presets, the best ones were Necromancer's pot, Cryptocoryn, Underwater (i love this one), Extrema and Introspectively
Most scopes aren't enough solid for my taste, but that's my own social problem :)
Well you have a lot of maths, it clearly shows in the pack, but sometimes your math takes over and the thing is turning to a tech-demo instead an AVS preset :(
Some presets look a little over or under-loaded with effect like merovingian or les temps,
but that's only my taste.
Great pack overall, well deserved :+fav:
Independent-II- Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2004
This pack is really good:D
Intro is full massive:D
Cool rmx but your AvS is better:D
vanish Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2004
great pack dude! so many styles was mixed, from el-vis, tuggummi and skupers to zamuz, synch-c and your style ofcourse. can't figure my favourite, all of these presets was good.

yathosho Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2004
very impressive pack, nice and diverse. my favorites are cryptocoryne, necromancer's pot, progressive and the two bonus presets. the remixes were also good, especially the 2nd from zamuz and the mixes from synth-c. great improvement, looking forward to see more from you.
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