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I've always loved and admired this character. For you guys that don't know who this is, it's Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation, from the famous cartoon.. Avatar The Last Airbender. I also did another version of this without the scar. I posted on tumblr, check it out on there :D

Since this is a fanart of the famous "avatar the last airbender", you guys may use this either for ideas/reference/fanfiction or whatsoever. BUT please ask me for PERMISSION first. No editing/cropping the pictures.

Thanks <3
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This is gorgeous! Zuko is my favourite character and this is probably my favourite fanart of him!

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Dude, killer. I just had to do a Zuko portrait as well - really like how yours turned out.
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He looks like Frodo 😂 But nice
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lmao some people said that already haha so weird  but haha thaanks! :D
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Is it weird that I think he looks like Anakin in Episode 3?
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They both have some kinds of burns, they both deal with anger and the "dark side", they both become good guys right at the end... I could stay here listing off their similarities but I would be here a while haha
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hmm come to think of it, they're kiiinda the same haha
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Awesome work; I love the semi-realism and the colors :D

It's been so long since I watched Avatar. I have to do so again.
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thank you so muuch! ^^
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One of the MOST realistic rendering of Zuko I have ever seen and imagined.
Superb work!
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Amazing! He looks gorgeous, with or without the scar!
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yeap Zuko with or without scar and seriously in fact I don't care if he has burn marks all over his body or not, hella he's perfect always <3
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To be honest, I think he's more attractive with the burn.
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yes ofc :) this is just another version i made btw, hope you already see the original one
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Omg, I had to scroll down so far and I couldn't find it, I guess I'll have to do it another way but... Someone's a big Zutara fan ;)
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