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Thank you so much *Teratophelia for the pic!!! It's wonderful! :love:

I wrote this for :iconturtleplease: and her contest. I remembered what it was like growing up on the east coast, Pennsylvania, New York, Puerto Rico. And the unfortunate reality of teenage pregnancy that seemed to abound. Many of the children of these circumstances were subjected to numerous forms of abuse. So that's what drove me to write this piece. I obviously don't elaborate on that theme in particular, but I thought I'd bring it up briefly.
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Aww, poor deprived little turtles! "Going to the park" means playing on a trash heap. :(
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cute cute cute....
And the fact that this is based on your past experiences and observations, makes it more relatable.
You only got family, but sometimes I still have trouble getting along with just one of my brothers.
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Thanks I'm glad you liked it!
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Aaaww!! What a cute and heart warming little story! :love: I could *so* picture the boys all sad and curious after seeing what happened topside. :love:
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Way to go Master Splinter, turning something horrible into a good lesson for his boys. I see so much teen pregnancy - I don't understand it at all. Why would you want to lose your youth so quickly?
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It's too bad. It's a sad day when a big accomplishment for women (at least in my family) is to graduate from high school without getting pregnant.
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