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Luna: Can I have cake?

Sixth attempt with SAI

Taken from Microseries: #10

Original artwork by: andypriceart


MLP belongs to Hasbro
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Cute. There, there, Luna.

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no, No, NO LUNA! NO! Don't do that! Don't make that face! You know that works!... FUCK!
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Daaaaaw of course
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Of course you can have some. Hey, how about we bake some and eat it together?
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Yes...yes you can... *dies of cuteness*
It makes her most happy :3
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you may have all of the cakes
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YES TAKE IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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TAKE ALL TEH CAKE!!!!!!! Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D Fun cake cake birthday cake Have your cake and eat it too Free Avatar - CupTardCake Cake for Shifteh Birthday cake  icon Food Emoji-03 (Mini Cake) Food Emoji-02 (Short Cake) CaekCat cupcake 
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Whatever you desire, your most beautiful majesty.
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must... resist.. face!!
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*hand whole cake* :D don't tell Tia
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'Alternate title: *Luna gets gass*
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You can have a moonpie, however.
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Sorry your highness, you know how does your sister get when she doesn't eat cake

(Nice puppy eyes)
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*gives her big cake* everything for my precious princess!!!
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Luna's so precious <3
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You can have whatever you want, my love.
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sure take my piece
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