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OC: James by Among-Angels OC: James :iconamong-angels:Among-Angels 4 0 Ilyarahh by Among-Angels Ilyarahh :iconamong-angels:Among-Angels 4 3 Outer Strength, Inner Weakness by Among-Angels Outer Strength, Inner Weakness :iconamong-angels:Among-Angels 2 0 OC: Michelle by Among-Angels OC: Michelle :iconamong-angels:Among-Angels 2 0
My Dear Self
My dear,
You never knew what love was,
Although you thought you knew.
You tortured yourself, denying yourself,
believing that what you had was enough.
Over and over you stumbled,
Just to pick yourself up again.
You never understood those who grieved,
despaired for a 'love' lost.
Then you found it, a life with love,
and you realized the truth.
Love is a blessing given to nonbelievers,
which can turn even the stubbornest hearts.
Love is a crystal ball of fortune,
telling a future of undeniable desire.
Love is the meaning of life,
That can be hidden for many a lifetime.
Now you see that life was an illusion,
a pleasant dream before awakening.
Now true life begins.
So dear self, look in to a mirror,
there you'll find the most beautiful sight.
It's you, in love.
:iconamong-angels:Among-Angels 0 1
The Love Test
I lay in bed in the dark, snuggled up under my covers. My eyes were closed as I started to drift, wishing he was there holding me. I smiled. As I had in years past, in years with past partners, I asked myself two questions. These questions had been discarded as pointless; a self-test of my love that had seemingly proved a pointless exercise. Yet I still asked myself them. They were like a habit or tradition; I couldn't not ask myself these questions. Sleepily I thought those questions to myself, picturing a scenario in my dreams.
What would you say if he asked you to marry him right this moment?
YES! Came the instant reply. My drowsy mind suddenly sprung into alertness. I was unsure whether that answer was expected or unexpected.  I was sure I would give the same boring answer as I had in the past: I would say 'no' of course. We are too young. We should wait and see how our relationship goes. Those were smart answers, good ones, ones my mind approved of. I had
:iconamong-angels:Among-Angels 1 0
Be Renewed. Be a Creator. Be a Bird. Be Free.
Stand back and look upon me
I am a new woman
Just like each new wave crashing upon the sea
I shall crash into life renewed
For there are so many things I can foresee
That many need shown.
You think that I am but a lamb
But I have never been stronger
My mind creates pearls just like a clam
both white and dark pearls
Because I am not perfect, madame
I am a good and evil combined.
I could beat down your ignorant words
Like the wall that they are
My strength will likely get on your nerves
and you won't understand why
But I am more free than you, just like a bird
Open your mind and be free too.
I will not bully you into believing as I do
Merely show you the world
Beyond one life I have broken through
To a higher understanding
We are all one but have no collective view
If only everyone could see.
If we didn't need to force others to our will
Wouldn't the world be peaceful?
Live together in our collective journeys uphill
without climbing over each other
Breathing in the bliss and seduction of
:iconamong-angels:Among-Angels 0 0
The Pain of Battle - Skyla by Among-Angels The Pain of Battle - Skyla :iconamong-angels:Among-Angels 3 0
Look at them
Look at us in our skin tight jeans
our fashionable jumpers and shirts
Look at us in our warm, multi-bedroom houses
as the rain pour and the wind rages
Look at us eating our bread, and meat and veg
smothered with sauces and spices
So why do you complain?
Too cold. Too warm
Too spicy. Too salty
I'm hungry. I'm thirsty
I don't like that. I don't want to
Do you see them in their rags?
The only clothes they own
Do you see them out in the cold
with the weather wearing them down?
Do you see them, all skin and bone?
without food or clean water
"Yes," you say. "I saw them on TV."
...But did you really see them?
:iconamong-angels:Among-Angels 3 2
Skyla and Lord Godfrey Meet by Among-Angels Skyla and Lord Godfrey Meet :iconamong-angels:Among-Angels 1 0 OC: Ilyarahh by Among-Angels OC: Ilyarahh :iconamong-angels:Among-Angels 3 0 OC: Skyla - Phoenix Blade by Among-Angels OC: Skyla - Phoenix Blade :iconamong-angels:Among-Angels 3 1
Soft breezes whisper through an open window,
Pictures tell silent stories in my mind,
In a place where dreams are made and all my thoughts are left behind.
My eyes gaze out towards the far distance,
Another moment in time slips quietly away,
I wait for he who will come for me and stay for forever and a day.
I wonder what sort of person he will be,
Will he call my name in his dreams?
At night I create stunning scenes to be torn away by the sun it seems.
I will give him all the love he needs,
With every breath my longing gets stronger,
The clock ticks in the quivering silence, the seconds stretching longer.
The corners of my mouth turn up in a smile,
The anticipation makes my heart beat fast,
No thoughts are needed to picture this moment; he has heard me at last.
:iconamong-angels:Among-Angels 2 5
OC: Skyla - Tryzonian Raid by Among-Angels OC: Skyla - Tryzonian Raid :iconamong-angels:Among-Angels 2 0 OCs: Skyla and Aaron - King's ball by Among-Angels OCs: Skyla and Aaron - King's ball :iconamong-angels:Among-Angels 1 1 My beauties by Among-Angels My beauties :iconamong-angels:Among-Angels 1 2


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by A-M-A-P

Since you so kindly asked me to critique for you, I shall. However digital art isn't my area of expertise. I shall try to give you some...




Among-Angels's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I have written a young adult fantasy novel called Sky Stone and am in the process of writing a sequel to that novel. You can currently read a synopsis on my website below. I occasionally enjoy writing poetry as well. I am also currently trying to teach myself how to draw (mostly manga style) since I don't think I am very good. I thank YouTube for my lessons :P

I am on deviantart mostly to share and document my process in my drawing journey. If you have any helpful tips they are appreciated :D

Thanks for reading! xx
Hello all!

As many of you know Sky Stone book one of the Sky Stone series has been available for purchase for about a year now. It's a good time to publish the second book in the series!

For those of you that don't know, the Sky Stone series is a young adult fantasy novel series. It stars my protagonist, Skyla, a modern day misfit thrown into a medieval land where her new powers help her free this strange nation from war. Guardian Core will continue Skyla's journey to discovering herself and her place in the world. With her greatest weakness exposed, will she be able to survive the new challenges being thrown at her?

To find out more please follow me here:
Google +:…
Twitter: ('at'ScarlyRose)


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