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It has been a long time since the last time I had something uploaded.
and I would like to break this ''habbit''.
so this week I'll upload a piece.
Tommorow will be a busy day. I will compete in a volleyball competition.
Lets hope I win.
Anyway, lately I have been charmed by a slightly old series called: Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles.
I really like it. It's a damn  shame there are only 2 seasons. which such a HUGE gap at the end that you thought and i quote:
'' there really has to be a third season.'' but that's not the fact. No. they cancelled it. i really dont like them no anymore.
*RIP* Terminator:TSCC. may you someday return.
So you can count that I'll be uploading alot of fanart for Terminator:TSCC.
and with this I end my Journal.

Watching: Arrow (season 1 episode 18: salvation.) GREAT series. but maybe that is because I do archery too
and I'm watching the walking dead... Poor Merle.. RIP
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