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first arrival ii

By amomiu
When my partner ordered the basic Tulip doll, the order took about six months to arrive, so we got the fullset outfit as a gift (but not the whole fullset, which would also include eyes, shoes, wig, etc.) The outfit is very beautiful, but quite difficult to dress on the doll, which is probably why we haven't used it except for trying it on when the doll arrived. I'm glad we kept it though. :) 

Yesterday I decided to try how it would look in photos with some pink gerberas. These photos are very simple portrait style shots, but I like how light and pink they are! Hopefully I'll get to use this outfit in a proper photoshoot one day. ♥

  • Chiko - Dollzone Tulip (owner: Emottaja)

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My digital painting of this character, with a very similar theme: first arrival by Amorelia
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How beautiful!
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Thank you! ❤
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She is stunning. I love all the pink. 
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Thank you! ♥ I rarely use this much pink at once, but it was a fun change ^_^
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Soooo beautiful :3 I love the dress soo much
amomiu's avatar
Thank you! ♥ The dress is very pretty and interesting, now if only I could figure out a proper themed photoshoot in which to use it :D
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So pretty. she's so cute. :D Lighting is wonderful. :D Very pink. 

Her pink wig looks like the wig my alice is wearing. 
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Thank you! I'm so happy you like this photo. ^__^

The wig is from Dollmore, so it's possible you might have the same one. :) 
Toxickirsty's avatar
Ah snap :) got mine from dollmore too. ^-^  
♡ can't wait to see future photos. Your photos are amazing.  
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What a coincidence :D It's a lovely wig though, so no wonder. And thank you so much, you made my day ♥
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she's beautiful! congrats! i love it!
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Thank you, I'm so happy to hear that! ♥
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So pretty and pink! :heart: The lighting looks beautiful~
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Thank you! ♥ Our kitchen gets really nice light, almost at anytime of the year and day. It's my favorite spot to take photos indoors. ^__^ 
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