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wow, it's fantastic, amazing.... really love this picture. you should have designed the norn ingame....
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Such a brilliant idea! I am unable to hold oneself back to see more pictures about this role!
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Your Norn is the best meanwhile GW2 norns are grotesque, i just hope that you're the character designer instead of them.
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amaizing details ^^ you are nice artist #,#
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Thank you so much! It's really an honor having you here, your work is brilliant :)
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I hope you are right and thanks ^^
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Impresionante Albert, felicidades ^^
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Muchas gracias guapa, he visto algunos tuyos fantásticos, a ver si te veo un día por Guild Wars 2 :)
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Eso está hecho ;), ahora mismo vengo de allí jejeje, el nombre de mi pj es Nantara por si quieres agregarme en amigos, un saludo!!
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That is really amazing! wonderfull! i dont know how long it take to do this but its fantastic!
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That's amazing!
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:< I love this so much, and It looks so much like my character I will play in GW2, but he's wolf not bear but I want sooo bad to use this image for him, but sadly since it is bear, I can't. If I could draw nearly as good as this maybe I would try to draw the left half as bear but ugh I can't draw for crap Q_Q
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as wolf* not bear, oops
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this is amazing. One question is that the bear or the wolf, i wanna say bear because of the ear.
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That's right, bear :)
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thought so ,and once again this is purely awesome.
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Thank you! ^^
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I love this so much. Awesome work. Just awesome.
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That is...oh man. I love the Norn, but this image just adds to that. Well done.
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Thank you so much Devin ;)
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amazing work!! excelente !!
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I approve of your creativity.
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I had to take a second look because I thought that guy was a photo. This is amazing! Simple yet clever design on the whole thing, I'm surprised no one's done it before! That I've seen, anyway.

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