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Logan Thackeray

By AMolino
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Logan Thackeray (human) from Guild Wars 2.
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You really got the jawline right. :3
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So well done! :D It looks like a photo, so please can you tell me where you ran into him so i can chase him down? (a)
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Hello AMolino!

I'm just writing to you after having seen these gorgeous piece of art you've posted on here. I'm not sure if you've heard of a website called GuildWars2Guru but essentially a big group of us have decided to create a professional website that will feature the highest caliber of Guild Wars 1 and 2 related writing and art. If you're interested in possibly having your art featured on this website, let me know as soon as possible and I'll send you all the details! Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon!

- Ethereal
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Sure I heard from GW2Guru, I am there too as ''Albert'' :)

I made a post some time ago with all my work (dunno if it's still there, guess so)

I don't know what are you thinking about, but I'm interested ;)
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Well we are trying to create a centralized website to help artists and writers gain more exposure within the GW2 gaming community. We've got a few artists on board from here including 3bepop. I'm simply the recruiter and the head of the project, Kaenes, told me to scout on DeviantArt for pieces that I thought were exceptional. I've already contacted him about your interest and he would really like to talk to you about the details and provide you with more information. Here is his email. Please contact him as soon as you can, because we'd love to have you on board! :D
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Done, let's see what you guys have prepared :)
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By the flaming beard of Balthazar!
This, sir, is a masterpiece. I love the details, especially the hair. It's so realistic it looks like you just took a photo of him and edited it in photoshop ;D
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Thank you so much, mate! :D
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this is amazing omg!
I wish I could do something as cool <3 i'm drawing him too but I don't know if i'll be able to do him justice like this! wow!
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Thank you so much! :)
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Thats so epic! :D
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Awesome piece. Totally depicts Logan. Have you read Edge of Destiny yet? :D
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te ha quedado genial, cuanto detalle!!
qué envidia que sepas hacer eso >.<

Has hecho una base a mano y lo demás a photoshop verdad? :o

El detalle de los ojos verdes es genial, lo unico que no me gusta es la expresion de sus labios (a parte de que parecec que se ponga brillo de labios :$) parecen labios de chica >.<
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he looks really, really great! I love that you just colored his eyes :D Gorgeous!
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What a boss. He looks so real here, great job. :)
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Buah, flipa colega O: No se triunfa casi <333333
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