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Phoenix Rising

By amolerouth
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Found a cool tutorial on N-sane, and I've been playing with it ever since. This is, so far, the coolest thing I've created with its guidance.
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Very cool indeed.
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Cool design...
I could tottally see it as a band logo or something
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Ooh, pretty pretty :D
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nice work, You have a strange gallery :)


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Tis pretty... I like it. :D
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Hey There,

That's really one of the amazing logos I've ever seen on deviantArt...Would love to see more of your artwork.
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I'd buy that. If I had the cash and the means. Great colours and composition, above all.
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it's a wonderful design, I really like this. so neat and sharp, and the colors are great
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thats actually really pretty.. i like it.
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i CCCCCCAN'T SSSTOP starring at this thing..
it's from HELL i tell you FROM HELL!!
aaaaaaaaa Heathen!! be gone!

but seriously.. this is mzmrzng!
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Font could be smoother though ;)
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Font is much smoother on full-size version, 6000x9000px.
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This is the most artistic thing i've seen from you - the colours are freaking awesome once again, I feel it's quite alive and has a pulse, it really is quite lovely and original, GREATNESS BEHOLDS!
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N-Sane has some pretty nifty tutorials. :nod: I've done a few myself, though never really put them to any use :bucktooth:

But wow, this is really great. I haven't seen the tutorial you're talking about but then I haven't been to N-Sane for about... well, a long time. But this is nifty-sweet and shiney-like. And the colours are really really nice. It caught my eye quite quickly in my message center. I love the overall minimalistic feel.
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Wow, Amol, this is DAMN cool! :drool: I love the movement of it all, the bright color contrasts nicely with the black background. White border really is a nice touch here. :nod: The texture near the end of the 'feathers' are a very nice touch. Looks like a great tutorial, just from the results!
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very lovely :D
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sweet. that's awesome!
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Ooh That IS cool. :D That would make a kick ass logo.
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very nice Lerou! :)
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really cool artwork, reminds me of feathers, very goood as it is ur first fractal experiment :)
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While it does look like a phoenix, I'd say it looks MORE like a peacock!
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