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antique r2d2 10

i changed a few details like the lenses, i wasnt happy with the plastic ones, got rid of the steel rail and replaced it with a water level gauge, also added some rivet detail.
if you would like to see a detailed breakdown of how it was made visit mt blog at [link]
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R2 goes steam it
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This is so AWESOME! I want one Love 
How big is it?
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This is the coolest. 
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el chavo del ocho star wars  y la guerra DE LOS KIKOS
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 la guerra DE LOS KIKOS ? intrigued.
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nunca has visto al chavo del ocho te dejo el link y veras de que hablo…
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cute as hell, my fav character is r2d2. lovely job the metal is extra shiny.
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This is soo cool
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Such a Raging Nerdboner right now
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simply amazing!
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More beautiful than the original! I love it !
Es muy bueno. Mucho trabajo. Los colores lo hacen muy atractivo. Ja, ja, me has alegrado el dia de hoy que lo he visto.
Salud y suerte.
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I'm afraid I can't express any praise that hasn't already been said, so I hope a favorite will suffice. :meow: Fantastic detail work, though, love it!
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This is so amazing and adorable! Fantastic job! I love it :)
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that's just awesome
There are two things. I truly love about this and they will show my age...I am old enough to recall seeing both Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in and Star Wars in the theater as a kid and loved them both of course. I just love how this combines the two for me in feeling. Lovely piece.
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if u sell these, how mucH?
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nice steampunk r2. ^__^
Just one question about this r2d2 is there wheels under there so it can move?
Now this is my idea of a steampunk r2d2! absolutely top notch! Some I have seen when looking for steampunk r2d2 stuff looked more like furniture rather than a robot. Found a site where the guy did the whole star wars characters bit in miniatures. Looks great except for poor r2d2.
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That is exceptionally cool!
I'm onto my second prototype steampunk theme immersion computer for my living room.
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