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The book offer

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a couple of years ago i was approached by a publishing company, they said they wanted to publish a book and i could be the author blah blah blah , there was a fixed fee and no royalties, the money they were offering was "just" considering the work involved, they then asked me would i be so kind as to furnish them with a ton of ideas in a virtually finished format. for a much smaller fee. the deal wasn't a deal at all these guys already had a publication in the works and they were fishing for ideas to fill it, the book was published shortly after, never bothered to find out if it was any good or not. a small clue to the content with my last
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never had one of those before, it seems its quite a big deal round these parts. thank you all for all the kind comments, i am quite taken aback by the sheer volume of interest stirred up. i am planning to open an etsy account to start selling my work real soon so watch this space. oh and i just had an email from dev art saying they wont sell prints, because of copyright violation, booooo ! once again thanks to all the folks who commented i will try to answer your questions real soon. :)
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53,579 views on one picture, oh my, it seems r2 has become a bit of an internet celebrity, people keep emailing saying its popped up all over the place, its all the rage in Russia now apparently. still not sold him though despite me being totally broke, a few offers but none i would be willing to accept. the way i look at it if i cant sell for the same amount of money i could earn driving a van for the same amount of time, then why should i sell at all.
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thanks for the favoritism
Thanks a tonnage for the watch! coming fro someone with your talent it means alot.
no problem, i must get going  that rust technique someday when its done as well as you do it it looks great. 
I'm setting out to create a grass roots movement to petition dA for a new Categories upload folder. "Scale Models". I'm hoping for input from you and other builders to see if we can bring about the change.
Right now models are scattered across several Category upload folders and trying to see them in "More Like This" just doesn't work. The idea is to make a new upload folder exclusively for scale models.
Here's the link to see the changes sought in my journal, presented to you and others for fine tuning before submitting. Praise it, rip it apart, but please don't ignore it. I need the input. And if you agree, please let other modelers know of this. [link]
To see or not to see, that is up to you.

Thank you
James aka darquewanderer
Happy Birthday dude! :)
Good are very inspiring.
Thanks for the :+fav: my friend :D