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Flying with the Dragons

By amnis406
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The Dovahkiin has some mighty allies...
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Dovahkiin I await your command at once zu,u Fay hah.
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odahviig just looking at the dovahkiin like "dont you dare drop that sword!" 
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dont those scales feel funny for her?
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This is epic!!!
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And perfect!!
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This is epic :D A movie scene.
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Hahah, I almost feel sorry for whoever they are going to fight ;) Brilliant work :thumbsup:
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Epic. Just epic.
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Heh, now if dragon riding was only actually like this. :p
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She flew up the Hiriclès of the Dragonlord Odahviing lol :wow:
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I hope it's never too late to say, "Phenomenal work, my friend!" :heart:
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Thank you Jen! :hug
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^ A one-armed hug! LOL :XD:

:hug: back with both arms
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Sorry, I was in a hurry... Here's a real one... :hug:
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Please, no apology needed - I just like joking around. Gives me an excuse to use the :XD: emoticon, y'know ... :D
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Having a hard time trying to figure out what she's wearing. Blades sword, did she join them or side with the Grey-beards? I'm curious about who she is actually fighting. She was part of the Imperial army so I assume she's not fighting them. Stormcloaks possible. Dominion unlikely since that would break the truce her own emperor signed. Puzzling image asks more questions than it answers.

Or, I could just say, "Cool Pic!", and leave it at that. :D
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